Hapoel Beer Sheva vs. Hapoel Hadera 2: 2, game summary

What a crazy game we had tonight (Wednesday) at the Netanya Stadium, which simply left all its spectators speechless. Hapoel Beer Sheva separated 2: 2 from Hapoel Hadera in a rematch from the third round of the Premier League, but it was not just 2: 2, but simply something you do not see every day and without a doubt one of the craziest who have been so far in the 2020/21 season Some of these.

So what did we have there? It started with a goal from Anthony Varane that gave 0-1 to Be’er Sheva and continued with an equalizer by Shoval Gozlan. VAR system intervention, referee Daniel Bar Natan only for a free kick from 11 meters following a quick exit by a Levita fan from the goal line. Gozlan approached the return ball, and he also stopped at Levita. What is a bit funny is that in the second penalty Levita also got out of line His goal is no less than in the first penalty – which was disqualified.

Did you think this was the drama? It just started. Hadera eventually completed the turnaround in the 78th minute from a goal by Gilad Abramov and went up to 1: 2. In the 90th minute Rotem Hatuel set a dramatic equalizer and thought he had saved a point for BS, but this is not really the highlight. In the 90th + 7th minute (!), In the last attack of the game, Itamar Shabiru hit the net, set up a second turn in the game and 2 : 3 lbs. The referee approved the gate, but after watching the VAR canceled it claiming to be different and provided us with drama from the movies. At the end, Yossi Aboksis, the coach of Hapoel B’Shlosha, burst towards Bar Natan.

Yossi Aboksis is angry with Daniel Bar Natan | Shlomi Gabay

Sharon Mimar | Shlomi Gabay


Hapoel Hadera: Ruby Levkovich, Noam Cohen (Dia Levavidi, 83), Jonathan Sisa, Obeida Hatab (Omar Lakau, 89), Abdullah Jaber, Tamir Glazer, Gilad Abramov, Rif Mesika, Gustavo Mermantini (Karem Arshid, 90), Marshall Oda (Tal Kahila, 83), Shoval Gozlan (Rodrigo Bongongi, 73).

Hapoel Beer Sheva: Ohad Levita, David Keltins, Louis Taha, Shir Tzedek (Ramzi Spori, 82), Sean Goldberg, Mariano Briero (Eli Madmon, 62), Joshua, Marcelo Mali (Itamar Shabiru, 82), Cynthia Sallich (Rotem Hatuel, 62) ), Elton Acultasa (Jonathan Agudello, 77), Anthony Varane.

Shoval Gozlan | Shlomi Gabay
Gilad Abramov | Shlomi Gabay

the progress of the game

In the 16th minute, Hapoel B’Shlosha went up to 0: 1: The game started with complete control of Hapoel BS, but both teams did not threaten the goal at all. At the first opportunity, Yossi Aboksis’ team also managed to take the lead, when Joshua kicked a huge ball from a distance on the crossbar, the rebound bounced to Anthony and Arn .

Hapoel Beer Sheva players celebrate | Shlomi Gabay
Hapoel Beer Sheva players celebrate | Shlomi Gabay

25 min: Hapoel Hadera almost equalized. A beam that entered the BS field turned around near the goal line in the near corner, Obeida Hatab slammed back towards the goal and Elton Acultasa moved away from the line.

Hatab’s ball on the way to the goal before Eccolta’s dismissal | Shlomi Gabay

30 minutes, Hapoel Hadera equalized to 1: 1: After Acultasa prevented the intruders from occupying, Shoval Gozlan did it himself. A beautiful attack ended with a wide ball from Noam Cohen’s right wing towards the striker, who kicked close to Ohad Levita who hit, but managed to reach the rebound, ahead of Louis Taha and push the ball close with his foot while lying on the net.

Shoval Gozlan celebrates | Shlomi Gabay
Shoval Gozlan celebrates with Obeida Hatab | Shlomi Gabay
Hapoel Hadera players are celebrating | Shlomi Gabay
Hapoel Hadera players are celebrating | Shlomi Gabay

58 min: The second half opened at a slow pace and without too many situations. The closest came Gustavo Marmentini from Hadera, who rose to a corner kick raised by Riff Mesika and slammed slightly over the frame of Ohad Levita.

Marcelo Mali, Riff concludes | Shlomi Gabay

68 minutes, dramatic moments in Netanya: Marcelo Mali tripped Marshall Ode in the box and referee Daniel Bar-Natan awarded a justified penalty to Hapoel Hadera. Oda himself went for the kick, providing a terrible performance that went into Levita’s hands easily. However, the VAR set up a repeat penalty due to an early departure of BS goalkeeper from the goal line. Gozlan approached the return penalty, but he also stopped at Levita. A repeat kick was stopped.

74 min: BS almost took the lead. Eli Madmon passed a wide ball to Warren, who was left in a one-on-one situation against Ruby Lewkowicz up close and kicked, but the goalkeeper provided a great shot.

Gilad Abramov, Sean Goldberg | Shlomi Gabay

78 minutes, Hadera went up to 1: 2: After a comedy of errors in the defense of Hapoel B’Shlosha and a big mess in the box, Abdullah Jaber sent a flat and sharp ball from 18 meters towards the goal. Ohad Levita just stroked the ball, which Gilad Abramov easily continued to net with a close-range push.

Gilad Abramov celebrates | Shlomi Gabay
Hapoel Hadera players are celebrating | Shlomi Gabay

Minute 85: A huge miss for Itamar Shabiru, who had to bring BS back into the game. Joshua raised a fantastic ball from the left wing, the young striker was completely free in front of the goalkeeper and had to hit the net, but his ball went far from the frame. Just a huge miss.

90 minutes, BS equalized to 2: 2: What a huge drama. Rotem Hatuel set up a late equalizer when he finished close to the rebound net after a shot from Warren.

90 + 7 minutes, BS went up to 2: 3, but the goal was disqualified: Madness in Netanya. Ramzi Spori raised a ball from the right wing towards Itamar Shabiru, who hit close to the net. The goal was initially approved, but after watching VAR was disqualified even though the striker was not in disarray, but another player interfered with the move.

Cynthia Sallich, Gustavo Marmentini, Abdullah Jaber | Shlomi Gabay