Hanukkah miracle: Thousands of Jews participate in lighting at the “Brandenburg Gate”

On Friday, hours before Saturday, a huge Chabad menorah was placed at the famous Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, ahead of the historic lighting with the President of Germany to be held in the first candle.

In the eyes of the thousands of passers-by and press photographers, Rabbi Berlin looked great Yehuda Teichtel And the Chabad emissary Shmuel Segal, As they do final checks on the giant menorah on a crane.

The lighting will take place in the shadow of the 80th anniversary of the Kristallnacht riots. In 1939, a shocking pogrom of Jews took place throughout the Third Reich – Germany and Austria, when Nazi gangs set fire to Jewish synagogues and businesses, led by the Nazi tyrant Hitler.

Eighty years later, and in the office of German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Rabbi Yehuda Teichtel, Rabbi of the Jewish community in Berlin, responded to a request to come and participate in the lighting of the large menorah at the Brandenburg Gate.

“The expected arrival of the German president to a class full of tried and tested publications and Jewish pride – that says it all,” said Rabbi Teichtel.

In the traditional class in Berlin, thousands of Jews from the city are expected to participate, along with senior figures from the German government, and dozens of media outlets that will broadcast the lighting live.

The festive event has become the most prominent and surveyed Jewish event in Germany in recent years and is an important source of Jewish pride for all Jews in the country.

But all this was preceded by a drama: in a voice message he sent a few minutes before Shabbat, Rabbi Yehuda Teichtel, weeping with tears, shared the shluchim in the country in the local ‘Hanukkah miracle’, when after a campaign of opposition and persecution by various organizations and forces – the news came The main event will take place as planned, with the participation of the President.