Hanan Ben Ari celebrates an impressive achievement

Respect for the sector: Hanan Ben Ari celebrates an impressive achievement

(Photo: From YouTube)

Just before the end of 2020, Media Forest revealed the list of the most played songs on Israeli radio in the past year. The one who managed to screw up at the top of the list and overtake many and great, is the singer and creator Hanan Ben Ari with his song “If You Will” which stars at the top of the list.

According to data published by Hanan’s favorite hit, it has been played no less than 3,641 times on Israeli radio in the past year (a respectable average of almost – 10 times a day! If you divide the number of plays into the number of days in the year including Saturdays and holidays).

After “If You Will”, is Noa Kirl with the hit “Million Dollars”. Kirl also finished in ninth place with the song “Happy” which she performed together with Liran Danino from Dolly & Penn’s project. In third place is “Further Up”, Static and Ben El’s international collaboration with Pitbull, followed by Eliad’s “Where Are You” and Eden Hasson’s “Rounds” which closes the top five.

The one who is surprisingly absent from the list, is the singer Omar Adam, who won the star of all the year summaries of Spotify and YouTube.

List of the ten most played songs in 2020:

1. Hanan Ben Ari – “If You Will”

2. Noa Kirl – “Million Dollars”

3. Static and Ben El with Pit Bull – “Further Up”

4. Eliad – “Where are you”

5. Eden Hasson – “Rounds”

6. Margie – “Do not go to parties”

Dikla – “Just Say”

8. Avraham Tal – “Good Week”

9. Dolly and Penn with Liran Danino and Noa Kirl – “Happy”

10. Shlomi Shabbat and Eliad – “Lowering the Moon”

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