Half a year for demonstrations against Netanyahu: “Take out of Balfour”

Half a year for demonstrations against Netanyahu:

The black flags

Tonight, the Black Flags movement marks six months since the Balfour protest in a special demonstration in front of the Prime Minister’s Residence in Balfour. This is the 26th week of the black flag protests against Balfour and across the country.

Before the demonstration, there will be a march that will leave the String Bridge. The march is planned as a protest demonstration of the submarines, led by the ‘Investigation Now’ movement, which demands the establishment of a state commission of inquiry into the purchase of the submarines and vessels.

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As a nation, a protest evening is being held at bridges and intersections across the country, when a protest vigil will later be held in front of Tel Hashomer Hospital when Prime Minister Netanyahu will receive the vaccine for corona there.

The black flag movement said: “There is a tremendous opportunity to get Netanyahu out of Balfour, in elections or in constructive distrust. Ganz should internalize that he has a basic commitment to the state and its citizens – not to Netanyahu. Ganz has no legitimacy to negotiate Netanyahu’s remaining in power.”

“In the last six months, Israel has undergone two closures and we are on our way to the third only because at this time Netanyahu is busy with law, tax benefits for himself and small politics – this is not going to change. Ganz has to choose: the good of the state or his personal good.”

An investigative movement has now said: “We are on the eve of a fateful and historic moment: Bibi should be taken out of Balfour and his involvement in the serious security situation in the country should begin to be investigated.”

“Citizens of the country deserve to know whether the prime minister used his power to make a corrupt deal to put money in his pocket and in the pockets of his associates. It is time for Gantz to stop folding in both election and investigation matters – otherwise he becomes another Netanyahu aide.”

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