Gyms, health clubs to reopen from coronavirus shutdown

After 10 months of the closure of gyms and health clubs, the Ministry of Health and the fitness industry have worked out their differences in an agreement Tuesday that will allow fitness buffs to get back to work out soon.

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein and head of Public Health Services at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis invited Gym Forum representatives to a meeting on Tuesday and reached agreement on a number of key points.
These include the conclusion that the fitness industry is the next sector to reopen. If there is another lock, the fitness industry will be the first to reopen. If the coronavirus cabinet should decide not to close the sales department even though there are 2,500 infections per day – a milestone identified in previous Ministry of Health planning as a signal for closure – the Ministry of Health will make sure that the fitness industry remain open In addition.

In addition, the Ministry of Health agreed that the fitness industry should be a key part of public health rehabilitation following a coronavirus crisis.

Stella Weinstein, chair of the gym forum who attended the meeting, said: “We are delighted that the Minister for Health has had 10 months to meet with us and hear our requests. At the meeting, the health minister and the head of public health in the ministry of health informed us that the fitness industry had made a mistake and that they intended to open it as soon as possible, under the definition of we recommended them. “I hope that Health Minister Mr Yuli Edelstein and Dr Sharon Alroy-Preis will continue to understand the importance of the fitness industry to Israel’s public health, their commitment and open up the business at the earliest opportunity. which is possible by agreement between us. “

The Ministry of Health confirmed that the fitness industry would reopen in green and yellow cities and that gyms would have to adhere to a detailed list of safety recommendations.