Guy Zohar, why not tell the truth? Opinions

Guy Zohar, why not tell the truth?  Opinions

Rabbi Dror Arieh

Rabbi Dror Arieh

Photo: Yehuda Hanimov

Guy Zohar, you want to be portrayed as revealing contradictions and lies. About ten days ago, you conducted a test of the facts they conducted on News 13 during Netanyahu’s speech and proved that the opposite is true.

This time Drucker and his colleagues from 13 can give you one epic dose: yesterday you revealed another so-called lie, a terrible contradiction in Mansour Abbas’ words in Arabic compared to his words in Hebrew. In Arabic he is in favor of conversion therapies and in Hebrew he is against.

Guy, it’s hard to say you have a intelligence problem, and it hurts to tell the truth – this time you’re lying. Abbas repeatedly says he is in favor of voluntary psychological treatment, and he is against “Conversion therapies.” You know that psychological treatment is not conversion therapy, eh no?

So let’s explain:

Bile therapies are aggressive and painful therapies, methods of neutering, abstinence, electric shocks and more to suppress and convert the tendency.

Psychological treatments do not pretend to convert and suppress a person’s tendency, but to help him deal with it.

These are friendly psychodynamic therapies, based solely on a person’s free will, without any guilt or punishment.

But what Nitzan Horowitz wants is to ban any psychological treatment in the law, and to convince and intimidate opponents he calls it the “Conversion Law,” even though the bill is called the “Psychologists Law.”

Abbas opposes the “Psychologists’ Law” and he opposes “conversion therapies,” as he repeatedly claims in Hebrew and Arabic, and you, Guy, forcibly apply to him the two concepts that seem close but essentially far.

You admit that in practice he is Does not read For conversion therapies by name, and he Does not read Do them forcibly, but you in practice as a “definite professional” claim that he is directed to conversion therapies, hear for yourself you say and quote Mansour’s words: Preserve her feminine identity. “

“This is a clear position – do I have to repeat it 10 times?”, He says.

Probably so, because the media recruited to do conversion therapies to the State of Israel underestimates our intelligence.

To your credit Guy will say that you are able to say one thing and vice versa, lie over and over again and say that Abbas is sawing in favor of conversion therapies and even referred people in distress to conversion therapies. It is time to stop the paving that recruited media is doing to normalize what was previously defined as a perversion.