Guy Zohar, why are you lying?

Guy Zohar, you want to be portrayed as revealing contradictions and lies. About ten days ago, you conducted a test of the facts they conducted on News 13 during Netanyahu’s speech and proved that the opposite is true.

This time Drucker and his colleagues from 13 can give you one epic dose: yesterday you revealed another so-called lie, a terrible contradiction in Mansour Abbas’ words in Arabic, compared to his words in Hebrew. In Arabic he is in favor of conversion therapies and in Hebrew he is against.

Guy, it’s hard to say you have an intelligence problem, and it hurts to tell the truth – this time you’re lying. Abbas repeatedly says he is in favor of voluntary psychological treatment, and he is against “Conversion therapies.”

You know thatPsychological treatment is not conversion therapy, Eh no?

So let’s explain: conversion therapies are aggressive and painful therapies, methods of castration, abstinence, power markets, and more, all to suppress and convert sexual orientation.

Psychological treatments do not pretend to convert and suppress a person’s tendency, but to help him deal with it. These are friendly psychodynamic therapies, based solely on a person’s free will, Without any charge and punishment.

But unfortunately, your friend Nitzan Horowitz wants to ban all psychological treatment in the law, and in order to convince and intimidate the opponents he calls it the “Conversion Law”, even though the bill is called the “Psychologists Law”.

Abbas opposes the “Psychologists’ Law” and he opposes “conversion therapies,” as he repeatedly claims in Hebrew and Arabic, and you, Guy, are forcibly attaching to him the two concepts that seem close but fundamentally distant.

You admit that in practice he is Does not read For conversion therapies by name, and he Does not read Do them forcibly, but you in practice as a “definite professional” claim that he is directed to conversion therapies, hear for yourself you say and quote Mansour’s words: “Keep her female identity. This is a clear position – do I have to repeat it 10 times?” Abbas asked.

This is not the first time Zohar has ignored the viewers’ intelligence and tried to confuse conversion therapies – which certainly have no place morally, with psychological, natural therapy based on human desire. As you may recall, after the publication of Pike News in which Gali Tzahal broadcast that Rabbi Yigal Levinstein supports conversion therapies, Rabbi Yigal Levinstein and the Bnei David institutions filed a lawsuit last May, and now the parties have reached an agreement. An apology will be read during the “Good Morning” program. Israel ‘and legal expenses and attorney’s fees in the amount of approximately NIS 12,000 will be paid.

Zohar and a friend of his claimed during the program that the psychological treatment supported by Rabbi Yigal Levinstein fell under the definition of “conversion therapies.” Rabbi Levinstein explained that these conversion therapies only aggravated the condition of the people. After all, these treatments included mental and physical violence against the patients. Zohar claimed that in 20 states in the United States, conversion therapies were banned for minors – and explained that in New Jersey, defining conversion therapies is a practice that seeks to change a person’s sexual orientation.

The vast majority of the world understands and knows that there is a difference between the treatments. Even if there are some countries in the world that have so defined the healthy and natural psychological treatment that a person seeks to undergo, it does not mean that we should align ourselves with their spirit.

It seems that the mobilized media, which is interested in doing conversion treatments to the State of Israel, is underestimating our intelligence. To your credit Guy it will be said that you are able to say one thing and vice versa, lie again and again and say that Abbas is sawing in favor of conversion therapies and even referred people in distress to conversion therapies.

I am not an ardent supporter of Mansour Abbas, but this time I would advise him to sue you for libel. It is an open secret that the public broadcasting corporation, which receives hundreds of millions of shekels a year from the state, allegedly acted in favor of the conversion law, and allegedly participated in the aggressive pressure on members of the Knesset.