Guitar duets with cat playing piano, and jazz masterpieces expand

December 17, 2020, 12:05

Guitar duets with his cat playing piano

Guitar duets with his cat playing piano.

Photo: Marsel Gilmanov

After catching his ginger cat ticking the ivory, one musician decided to add his own guitar strings. The result? Pretty pretty duet.

When an informative, talented musical barney Barney blew the keys of an electric keyboard, he was almost tuneless.

And the owner of a Barney guitar playing didn’t notice it.

Of course – as would a self-respecting, pet-loving musician – Marsel Gilmanov decided to create a duet from him.

Slowly stroking his guitar, Gilmanov adds a subtle backing track to Barney ‘s sporadic notes, and it feels very nice (see below).

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Unsurprisingly, the video has created quite a storm on the internet.

It is, after all, a cat playing the piano.

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It wasn’t long before someone else got involved and added soft cries to the duet, creating an elegant jazz arrangement that wouldn’t feel out of place in a comfortable piano bar.

We think a round of paws is needed for everyone involved in this great paw shape.