Guinea faces ‘epidemic condition’ after seven confirmed cases of Ebola

The Guinea health group says the West African country is dealing with an epilepsy situation after three people died from Ebola.

The victims were all in the southeast of the country.

The cause of death was determined after laboratory tests in the capital Conakry.

“There were seven cases in total, including three deaths,” explained Sakoba Keïta, head of the Guinea Health Organization. “Out of the seven, four were men and three were women. Three were single, one in Conakry and two in Nzérékoré.”

It is not clear where the uprising came from, but officials say some of the victims apparently caught it after attending a funeral in early February.

“Some people who took part in the funeral, a few days later, started to experience the diarrhea, vomiting, swelling and fever,” Keïta said. “The first sample was tested on February 12.”

Health experts said these latest issues could be a major obstacle for the poor country.

The country is dealing with COVID-19 and is still recovering from the previous Ebola uprising, which killed more than 11,000 people in Guinea and neighboring countries.

Last month, the World Health Organization said it was creating a global emergency collection of about 500,000 doses of the Ebola vaccine to help stop a future outbreak, but only 7,000 were available. available at the time of the report.

The collected Ebola vaccine is manufactured by Merck.