Groups will be required to give 10% of the tickets to an outside audience

The director of the football leagues intends to inform the teams as early as this coming Sunday that starting with the playoff games, they are obligated to allocate 10% of the tickets sold in favor of the away team. As far as the principal is concerned, the temporary order that does not require selling tickets to the visiting team has ended, and was only correct for a situation of games with only 1,500 fans.

According to football sources, the administration did not like the situation that will be tomorrow (Saturday) when in the next round, which was approved for entry of between 3,000 and 5,000 fans in the various pitches depending on the size of the stadium, also brought with it controversy. The leagues did not want to reach a situation where the Tel Aviv derby was held with only one team or the various fights for the playoffs were conducted in a similar way, and asked the teams to transfer 10% of the possible content voluntarily, without the need to convene the league.

Maccabi Haifa fans (Omri Stein)

Maccabi Tel Aviv can be said that between the lines it was made clear that if you did not follow this path, there would be no escape from the board meeting during the day, which would only create more delays, more clutter and complicate the issue. It may even prevent the sale of tickets beyond the 1,500 already sold. However, alongside the request made to Maccabi Tel Aviv regarding the derby, a directive sent to the teams also included the clause that due to the complexity of the issue, the home teams can decide whether to bring in a guest or not.

While the champion did not go against the principal’s request and assumed that the right thing to do was to listen to her request, other teams decided to act according to their own eyes and considerations, and go by the same clause stating that they decide whether to let in a guest or not. No board of directors has been convened, and as of this writing, there will be no Maccabi Netanya fans in the game against Maccabi Haifa that will be critical for Diamonds on the ticket to the top playoffs.

Maccabi Netanya also issued a statement in the afternoon to their audience and wrote: “Already yesterday, as soon as the new outline of the fans was approved, we contacted the Maccabi Haifa management to get tickets for the away game with Sami Ofer. Unfortunately, since the league administration does not require hospitality at this stage, we responded “In the negative. Our fan base is important to us, and we really wanted it with us in such an important game.”

Maccabi Haifa reported: “Frequent changes in the number of spectators in the vicinity of the game, create quite a few problems. We have logistical difficulties in allocating stands, security planning, allocating and selling tickets and putting hundreds of rival team fans in the green mark check database. Sorry about that.”

Maccabi Netanya fans (Shahar Gross)Maccabi Netanya fans (Shahar Gross)

Bnei Yehuda also clarified that tickets did not pass from Be’er Sheva and issued a statement against the team from the Negev capital. The BS side explained and warned in advance that they have a problem following the works in the stadium. If a guest crowd had been brought in and due to the corona separations and the matter of the renovations at Turner, this would have meant that only 3,000 fans could have entered and therefore did not send tickets to Bnei Yehuda. The PSC clarified that there is no tension with the Oranges and that they announced in advance that they would have a problem bringing in a guest following the work at Turner.

Hapoel B’Shlosha stated: “The allegations regarding ‘tensions’ against Bnei Yehuda are false and have no basis. All approvals for parts of Toto Turner Stadium were received only last night and he still operates under restrictions on the number of spectators in each stands due to works on the stadium roof. Only last night was the official approval from the Football Leagues Administration regarding the admission of 5,000 fans. Allocating tickets to a guest audience in the northern stand would in fact cause most of the stand to be given to the outside team due to the separation of chairs and buffering required, leaving only 3,000 tickets out of 5,000. It is important to note that the club stated at every stage that it was given the choice not to allocate tickets to the outside crowd, so the claim regarding “tension” against Bnei Yehuda is ridiculous. “

Hapoel fans bHapoel B’Shlosha fans (Martin Gutdamek)

By the way, on the other hand in MS. Ashdod allocated 500 tickets for Betar Jerusalem fans in the game between the two teams. According to football sources, only because of the short schedule with the decision of the Corona Cabinet last night that approved the increase in the audience, it was not possible to convene the board, but the team was expected to get along with “The second without her intervention. Therefore, as we noted, already at the beginning of next week, the principal is expected to put an end to this saga.”

Klinger and Einbinder talk before the derby