Google’s Blob Opera lets anyone easily compose a beautiful tune

After a year of fatigue, we are now in the doldrums of 2020. The holidays are somehow here, and whether you are off work, indoors after a snowstorm, or just going into time – you may be tired. If you are tempted Cyberpunk 2077the lice or so many looks Bake off you can’t even look at pastries anymore, here ‘s a suggestion: Blob Opera.

You read that correctly: Blob Opera. In a machine learning experiment with David Li in collaboration with Google Arts and Culture, Blob Opera lets you make and sing your own opera with the help of four blobs: purple, bass; teal, tenor; uaine, mezzo-soprano; and red, soprano. The tutorial shows you how to change both pitch and vowels that the blobs sing, all under the control of the loudest voices – the soprano. You could even find fungal and calm vocal cords.

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Four opera singers – tenor Christian Joel, bassist Frederick Tong, mezzo-soprano Joanna Gamble, and soprano Olivia Doutney – recorded 16 hours of singing for the audition. Machine learning built on what operas usually look like, making it possible for someone without any musical training to make the singing blobs as opera is very reasonable.

If you’re not into the mood for writing and just want to hear some great opera singing, good news: Pick up the evergreen tree at the bottom right to hear the blobs sing festival songs .

Bored?  Make your own inspirational 'blob opera' in seconds.

Image: screenshot: google

The list includes classics like “Silent Night” and “O Come all Ye Faithful.” The blobs don’t sing the lyrics, but the songs still feel beautiful coming out of those strange shapes. It will put you in the holiday spirit in a much – needed year. Even if it doesn’t, Blob Opera is a fun replay from the rest of the internet.

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