Google will automatically convert 2D images to 3D

Google has announced an innovation that will soon make its way to the Google Photos service: a tool capable of turning two-dimensional images, taken with any camera, into images with a deep, three-dimensional effect. Google calls the new images produced by the Cinematic Photos tool, and these will be displayed as part of the memory album that the app automatically creates.

This is an artificial intelligence scenario that analyzes the components of the image in order to identify the people being photographed, and separates them from the background and other objects that appear in the photograph. The image is then reproduced while adding a depth effect. “We create a three-dimensional image of the scene, even if the original image does not include any depth depth from the camera,” explains the product manager Jamie Espinal. “So we produce virtual animation and a smooth motion effect – just like in the movies.”

In addition, the memoir album, which has so far featured selected photos of children, family and close friends, will also be able to identify photos of trips and other exciting events later on. All of these innovations are expected to appear for all users over the coming month.

Recall that as of June 1, 2021 Google will no longer allow unlimited storage of images in the service. As of this date, any additional image that responds to Google servers will be stolen from the user’s free storage space (15 GB), and once it runs out, a monthly fee will be required to back up additional content.