Google TV adds support for Apple TV App

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Photo: Sam Rutherford

The Chromecast with Google TV just one of the best streaming tools you can buy right now (especially at just $ 50), and now Google is plugging in one of the same holes in the device its famous streaming video thanks to the upcoming support for the Apple TV app.

In a blog posted today, Google’s Head of Media and Entertainment, Jonathan Zepp, announce that support for the Apple TV app will arrive on the Chromecast with Google TV “early next year,” and then widespread support for the Apple TV app on Android TV devices sometime in the future. ”

By supporting Apple TV, Google has finally upgraded the only major service not available on the Chromecast with Google TV, as Google TV (and the Android TV platform) were supported. in total) for almost every streaming video app you could want, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Hulu, Peacock, and others. This stands in contrast to some other streaming devices, especially Roku devices, which do not yet have support for HBO Max as HBO and Roku are still struggling to negotiate a contract for its introduction. HBO companion parentand AT & T’s main streaming services for the Roku family of devices.

In addition, assuming you are a paid subscriber, original content from Apple TV + will also be included as part of Google’s personalized recommendations and search results, which Google suggestion to help you better match content according to your taste and preferences. Apple users will have access to previously purchased content from Apple, includes shows and movies within the Apple TV app on Google TV, which could give people looking for a new option a cheaper option than Apple ‘s own streaming boxes in the world. ‘Chromecast with Google TV.

Previously, the lack of support for the Apple TV app on Google TV and Android TV was unfortunate, but something sensible considering Apple and Google maintaining a library similar to shows and movies that were available to rent or buy. It was only when Apple launched original content on Apple TV + last year that cross-platform support for the Apple TV became an increasingly important choice. And now, with a growing roster of Apple TV + content taking over Ted Lasso, A long way up, Little America, and more, it’s good to see Apple’s original content available in more places.