Google Chat web redesign makes its way to Workplace accounts

Google is posting some interface changes to Google Chat on the web (ie for Workplace accounts, the company said Monday.

“The new interface is similar to Gmail’s Chat, giving users a consistent and expected chat experience wherever they are,” said Google.

The redesign will arrive as part of the classic Hangouts migration, and will be available over the coming weeks. Google is also making much-needed changes to the Chat experience, along with new integrations.

Here is a full changelog:

  • In chat rooms, you can now access shared files and activities through tabs at the top of the room
  • We’ve fixed the quick access side panel on the right, like Gmail, to access apps like Calendar, Keep, Activities, and Maps
  • Searches for existing conversations or for people to start new conversations are now under the “+” on the left.
  • You can use the search bar at the top to find content across all rooms and direct messages (DMs). To find content within each room or direct message, click the check button at the top right corner of the room / DM first and then on to find content in the room. check bar.
  • The “Chat” and “Rooms” sections on the navigation bar on the left are permanent, allowing you to navigate more easily within each category. You can change the height of each of the sections according to your preference.
  • Feature to switch between full-screen view and pop-up view for each room and DM, allowing easier multitasking between conversations.
  • Integration with Google Meet so you can join or start a call directly from Chat
  • will now redirect to However, users can still use to access Chat.

New redesign of Google Chat for the web

Image: Google

Google said that the search bar is now at the top so you can look for content across all rooms and direct messages. There is also a feature to switch between full screen view and pop-up view for each room and DM.

The redesigned Google Chat accounts for Workplace will begin rolling out on Wednesday, March 24, and will continue over the coming weeks. The updated interface applies to domains with the Gmail service turned on, with plans to roll out those changes to Gmail domains in the coming months.