Global campaign advocates for vitamin C and COVID-19

The BhiotamainC4CovidCampaign, to date with the support of around 350 leading vitamin C researchers, doctors, healthcare professionals and nutritionists along with 5000+ signatories from around 60 countries, says evidence shows that high doses of vitamin C ingested or taken orally stop severe COVID -19 symptoms.

The UK-led campaign announces a review of 100+ vitamin C tests.Just published in Nutritionists– some specific to COVID-19; some specific to sepsis and wider respiratory issues – to support its cause.

The lead author of that review and VitaminC4Covid campaign leader Patrick Holford said that NutraIngredients’ vitamin C data were as robust as those for vitamin D and had the potential to reduce COVID-19 symptoms at low cost and delete viral replication early ”.

“The essential level of COVID-19 is a direct result of an inflammatory reaction by the body’s immune system, similar to sepsis, which only occurs if there are a large number of deadly viruses,”Holford, founder of the Food for the Brain Foundation and author of 45 books with a focus on nutrition, said.

“Early prevention and rapid resolution of symptoms, as seen in cold studies taking 4 to 8 grams of vitamin C in the first 24 hours of disease, have the potential to stop the conversion to acute COVID, thus taking pressure off the National Health Service. ”

The NutritionistsA review was given to British Health Minister Matt Hancock as well as the New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Risk Advisory Group (NERVTAG), the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) and the National Institute for Clinical Evidence (NICE).