Gilat provided initial delivery of airborne modems as part of a multimillion-dollar business opportunity in China

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Gilat Satellite Networks (NASDAQ and Tel Aviv Stock Exchange: GILT), a world leader in technology for satellite communications networks, solutions and services, announces that it has provided an initial shipment of flying modems, as part of a multimillion-dollar business opportunity in China.

A leading software operator in China, will install Gilat’s airborne modems, for high-speed Internet connectivity (IFEC) connectivity systems, in all of China’s leading airline fleets in addition to domestic airlines.

The IFEC system installed on the first aircraft is already operational and provides excellent quality commercial service, made possible by Gilat’s airborne modem, the Taurus. The Chinese airline is the first fleet in which Gilat’s solution will be installed out of the business potential of about 3,500 passenger planes operating in China.

“Gilat greatly appreciates the close partnership with the Chinese operator, and the joint effort to upgrade the airline’s aircraft fleet with Gilat’s airborne modem, the Taurus,” said Yuan Si, the director in China on behalf of Gilat. “We are pleased that the high-speed Internet connectivity segment in China is advancing and we look forward to equipping more airlines with Gilat’s high-performance airborne modem, enabling passengers to have an excellent IFEC experience.”

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