Google released the Nest Audio near the end of last year, as a replacement for the company’s original Google Home smart speaker. The Nest Audio offers enhanced audio and support for multi-device pairs, and now you can get two of them for just $ 150. That’s $ 50 off the normal cost to buy two.

Nest Audio is Google’s new smart speaker, replacing both Google Home and Google Home Max. It has a 75mm woofer, a 19mm tweeter, three long field microphones, and Bluetooth 5.0 support. You can combine two of them for stereo sound, but the Nest Audio also works well as a standalone unit. Another thing, it works just like any other Google Assistant smart speaker. Our full review is here.

The speakers can be found from the purchase link below, but you need to install 50OFF199 in the coupon box during the payment process. Adorama wants your email address as a discounted trade.