Gedera officers! 3 officers from Gedera completed this week’s prestigious naval seamanship course and the deputy head of the council, Danny Doron, surprised them with a ceremony and gave them a gift – a luxury watch. Attached are videos

Gedera officers!  3 officers from Gedera completed this week’s prestigious naval seamanship course and the deputy head of the council, Danny Doron, surprised them with a ceremony and gave them a gift – a luxury watch.  Attached are videos

Vehicle license up to age 70

At the end of the renewal of the license periods for a new driver and a young driver, the driver’s license will be extended until the age of 70 at a one-time cost of NIS 510, which will lead to significant savings for the drivers, while today the license is extended every 10 years

In addition, there have been reductions in the fee for issuing a double driver’s license and a vehicle, foster families for children with disabilities will be entitled to a reduced fee for a vehicle license, and printing information on vending machines will be provided free of charge.

The Finance Committee, headed by MK Moshe Gafni, approved a series of traffic regulations concerning driver’s license fees and vehicle licenses, which were submitted for approval, at the request of the Minister of Transportation, Miri Regev.

The following is a list of approved installations:

1. Whenever a “duplicate license” is issued – for loss, theft, defect or confiscation by the authorities, a fee is currently charged, as part of the regulation it is stipulated that even if for another reason a person requests to issue a duplicate license he will be charged this fee. The double vehicle license will be 10 NIS instead of 29 NIS, the double cost of a driver’s license fee will be 20 NIS instead of 29 NIS, and the double cost of a license or permit related to a driving school will be 20 NIS instead of 39 NIS.

2. A person with a driver’s license who is no longer able to drive due to disability or death, is entitled (he or his relatives) to receive a monthly proportionate refund until the end of the period of validity of his license, when in case of death And the actions required of the Authority are complex, it has been determined that this refund will be void.

3. A person with a disability defined by law is entitled to pay a reduced vehicle license fee for a vehicle for private use, the same is true in the matter of a person’s guardian. There are children who go into the definition of a person with a disability, who are staying in foster families and installation in its wording today does not entitle them to a reduced fee in these circumstances, although sometimes this vehicle is the main vehicle for these children. It was thus determined that a foster child as defined in the Child Foster Care Act will be added to the list of those entitled to a reduced fee.

4. It will no longer charge an information fee of NIS 10, which is a custom in favor of printing information regarding the number of points registered for its duty or regarding the characteristics of previous owners of a vehicle, issued through the automatic service stations of the Licensing Authority.

5. Currently a person issuing a license is asked to renew his license after two years (new driver period), after 5 years (young driver period) and then every 10 years, when the cost of renewal every decade is 441 NIS. As part of the installation, it was determined that there will no longer be a renewal procedure every 10 years, and after the period of a young driver, a license renewal will apply that will be valid until the age of 70, at a one-time cost of NIS 510. – This regulation will take effect on the 1st of the month after 3 months from the date of publication.

The committee members welcomed the savings of thousands of shekels that the change is expected to bring to drivers, as well as the savings for drivers who are expected to bring other regulations as well.

The committee’s chairman, MK Moshe Gafni: “We welcome any step that will help save the citizens of Israel. It makes a lot of sense to take these steps.”

Car test every two years – three

Good news for car owners. The Minister of Transportation and Road Safety, Brigadier General (Res.) Miri Regev, is promoting a new regulation according to which private vehicles, which hit the road three to 10 years ago, will be required to take the annual test (“test”) once every two years, instead of one today. A new private vehicle is currently exempt from performing an annual licensing test (test) for the first three years of its purchase, and is then required to pass a test at a licensing institute every year.

Minister Regev instructed the Traffic Administration in her office to update the regulations as is customary in advanced European countries, where new vehicles are required to take an annual test after three years, and then every two years. Only on the tenth anniversary of the vehicle’s entry into the road is a vehicle licensing test required each year. It should be noted that today most new vehicles are equipped with test systems that alert in the event of a malfunction in the vehicle’s safety systems as well as the engine and other assemblies, which inform the driver of the need to get to the garage immediately.

Upon installation approval, private vehicles up to 3.5 tons registered in 2018 or later, will be required to perform a first licensing test after three years, and then every two years. Starting from 10 years, a test will be required once a year.

This move is made possible thanks to the technological development and advancement of the vehicle and its systems, the profitable use of active and passive safety systems that significantly improve the level of vehicle safety, and the integration of smart indicators that alert the driver to faults.