Gatorade Bets On Rising MLB Star Fernando Tatis Jr. With the Rare National Assistance Contract

M.Major League Baseball has shouted for a top player to capture the public’s attention since Derek Jeter hung his cleats in 2014. Crown prosecutors are gone and gone, but it may be Dominican, 21- years, the bat-flipping, which is the answer. who loves dreadlocks with frosting, flashy socks, sunglasses with a mirror, non-slip sweaters and can’t stop dancing or smiling at the diamond.

Tha Fernando Tatis Jr. has been playing less than a full season of MLB games but already is probably the most electric player in the sport. He is now filling Jeter’s shoes off the field, as the latest athlete on Gatorade’s support roster, where he puts a line of the brand’s Bolt24 products under a multi-year contract.

“We are proud to work with great athletes who are ambitious for children,” said Jeff Kearney, Gatorade’s global head of sports marketing. “Bolt24 breaks some new rules for us, and Fernando is a man who writes his own rules of the game.”

Tatis, whose father spent 11 years at MLB, joins NBA star Damian Lillard and advanced golfer Matthew Wolff as Bolt24 athletes. The trio will appear in a national TV and digital marketing campaign starting next week to promote the low-calorie drink aimed at athletes for watering around the clock, with a caffeinated version and one the antioxidants.

This is the latest confirmation for the San Diego Padres shortlist, which broke into the majors in 2019. Other deals include Adidas, Hyperice, Mizuno gloves and Victus bats. Gatorade, which is owned by PepsiCo, works with several footballers on a regional basis, but Tatis joins Jeter and Bryce Harper as the only players with Gatorade national support contracts over the past two decades. gone.

Fans are clamoring for more Tatis. The most-explored player during the postseason in baseball’s online video library was MLB Movie Room, and attracted more Instagram followers than any other player during the season. His jersey was the fourth best player in basketball in 2020, behind three major market stars in Harper, Mookie Betts and Aaron Judge.

“The next generation of guys coming up, like Tatis, is approaching the game in a different way. They have bigger personalities and more fun, and while it may upset basketball cleaners, that energy is good for baseball, ”said Bill Sanders, longtime sports marketing officer, who represents Los Angeles Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw off the field.

Baseball has become a more regional sport, appearing in a lower ranking for the World Series and All-Star Game and contributing to the lack of national celebrities in the sport. Another factor: playoffs. The most marketed stars of the NFL and NBA are typically in the playoffs at the highest levels, while MLB’s best player of the decade, Mike Trout, has a total of three playoff games. played his role. It is no coincidence that the most marketed 25-year-old baseball players, Jeter and David Ortiz, appeared regularly in the postseason. “Their playoffs and national TV audience mean it all for badges,” says Sanders.

The Padres reached the playoffs this year for the first time since 2006, breaking MLB’s second longest postseason draw. From his offseason home in the Dominican Republic, Tatis explains Forbes he has bigger plans for his squad. “I want to stay healthy for my team, and then everything takes care of itself,” he said. “But the main goal is to win the World Series for my city.”

Tatis is still four years away from the basketball-free squad, but his general manager AJ Preller called for him to be locked up to a long-term extension as a “priority” for the club Monday in a call with reporters. The player nicknamed “El Niño” does not elaborate on that detail, saying that his agent will handle everything, watching the months one or two last on his “island” before spring training begins.

His agent, Dan Lozano at MVP Sports Group, is familiar with blocking contracts. Lozano was negotiating three of the 13 standard MLB contracts worth at least $ 225 million, including Joey Votto, Albert Pujols and Tatis left-wing Padres partner Manny Machado. Tatis and Machado were all selected for the First All-MLB Team last week at their careers.

“I love the city of San Diego,” Tatis said. “It would mean a lot to play the rest of my career there. ”