Ganz vs. Lapid: “Pike News Distributor”

Less than three hours to close the polls: In blue and white, they are angry with Yair Lapid after his party allegedly distributed text messages called Bnei Gantz, in which it was written that the party had become stronger and out of danger, and therefore Yesh Atid should be strengthened.

The statement read: “Ganz: ‘We are strengthening and above the sixth mandate and we have safely emerged from danger. When the parties in the bloc are already out of danger, now is the time to decide and vote. There is a future here. A strong future is the only key to replacing Netanyahu’s regime.”

In addition, the chairman has a future tweeted on Twitter: “The discussion about who passes and who does not pass is over. All bloc parties pass. The discussion now is how to change government – for that there needs to be a great future! Go vote. “

White Brush was quoted as saying: “After abandoning the bloc and not taking care of the connections, Lapid began distributing Pike News. It does not matter if Lapid has 20 seats or 22 seats – it does matter if Blue and White does not pass the blocking percentage, and there is no one to stop the block. Bibi’s sole rule in the transitional government. ”

It was further emphasized that “the public must know – if Blue and White or Meretz do not pass the blocking percentage, there is a real danger that Netanyahu will have 61 seats and an immunity government. A note to Yesh Atid is a note to Bibi.”

Meanwhile, in the blue and white headquarters, they instructed Knesset members, candidates and all field activists to continue to fight for every vote to ensure that the party passes the blocking percentage. The party is also preparing for intensive activities in monitoring the vote count, which can be critical. Ganz himself is currently on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv and encourages the public to go out and vote.

Bish Atid claimed in the evening that the goal of passing the blocking percentage to the small parties in the center-left bloc was successfully achieved, “according to indications from party officials.” Until the polls close, the party’s goal is to bring in the Tel Aviv-based undecided public. Bad Future instructed the Knesset members who serve as observers at the polls not to leave and get down until they close. This is in favor of maintaining the purity of the election.

Earlier today, unknown individuals punctured the tires of a vehicle that accompanied Ganz. The incident took place in Petah Tikva when the activists went down to visit one of the polling stations. A complaint was filed with the police.