Ganz: “I do not see complete peace without the Palestinians”

Ganz: “I do not see complete peace without the Palestinians”

In a rare interview with the Saudi newspaper Al-Sharq Al-Awsat published this morning (Thursday), Defense Minister Bnei Gantz stressed that he does not see complete peace in the Middle East without the settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In response to a question about Jerusalem, Ganz was quoted as saying that “Jerusalem should remain united, but there should be room for a Palestinian capital. It is a very wide city and full of holy places for everyone.”

Gantz stressed in an interview: “The process with the Arab world is a great and real opportunity. And because I want to reach an agreement with the Palestinians, I am sure that without them there will be no full and comprehensive peace. I call on them to cooperate with me and partner states. “.

During the interview Gantz was asked if he was willing to “pay the price of peace” and if there was room to talk about “ending the occupation and establishing an independent Palestinian state within borders 67 with an exchange of territories and resolving all core issues such as Jerusalem and refugees,” or outdated thinking.

Photo: The unit for coordinating government operations in the territories

A blue-and-white chairman replied that “the Palestinians want and are entitled to an entity in which they will live independently.” It is their right to feel independent and to have a beer and a solution to all issues. We must speak in a new and contemporary language about ways to solve and not stick to the traditional discourse. We in turn want to say goodbye to them and guarantees our security. If we agree on the security things, the political solution will come easily. We must not only solve the problems but cooperate deeply in economics, science, technology, education and everything. This is a historic opportunity. ”

On the issue of borders, Gantz said that Israel needs the Jordan Valley as part of its security needs, but the range of applying sovereignty will not necessarily be 30% and can be greatly reduced. “We opposed the annexation plan from the beginning,” he said, “before the UAE demand came up and Netanyahu agreed to a freeze. We opposed allowing outposts. We want the Palestinian trio to have an adequate geographical space that would allow for a comfortable life without obstacles.

“What we are asking for is security. We need strategic points for security. Of course we can talk about an exchange of territories, although I do not see how and where. We say borders 67 will not return. But there is always the possibility of reaching an interim solution. What matters is to leave the process. live”.