Gantz: I hope to be able to meet Palestinians soon

The other Prime Minister, Benny Gantz (Blue and White), said he hoped to speak to Palestinians soon, although he did not believe it was possible at this time to conclude a peace treaty with the Palestinian Authority. “I hope I can meet the Palestinians.” soon, ”said Gantz, who is also defense minister. There has been no meeting between Israel’s defense minister and or prime minister in years. Talks between Israel and the PA broke down in 2014 and were never revived. But Gantz blocked the chance to have a meeting with the Palestinians when he spoke Thursday night at a special Zoom gathering for skeptics living in Latin America to mark the eighth Hanukkah day, which was supported by both Jewish Group and Ministry of Strategic Affairs. It was important to bring normalization forward with the Palestinians, Gantz said, even if it is, “it is very difficult at this stage to reach a final status agreement. “Gantz clarified his position on a number of issues related to the conflict, noting that he did” We will not pull back to the pre – 1967 lines. “As for Jerusalem, he said from the Psalms, saying that Israel would not give up the idea of” Jerusalem, a city that is intertwined. “In the West Bank, he said, it is important to build on land state only and not to build settlement homes on Palestinian private land.

In response to a question about the continued leadership of PA President Mahmoud Abbas, Gantz said there was no one in his place right now. Gantz praised the leadership of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for ratifying two treaty treaties with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain as well as the ratifications of three more treaties with Sudan, Morocco and Bhutan. It is important to continue working with Netanyahu to continue to advance these treaties and to expand this circle to include normalization treaties with other countries, such as Saudi Arabia.It is also important to normalize ties with its ‘PA, he said, noting that relations between the Palestinians and Israel had improved. Security ties between Israel and the PA have resumed and the PA has agreed to accept tax revenues that Israel has collected on its behalf. He spoke warmly about both U.S. President Donald Trump and U.S. President Joe Biden, noting that Israeli U.S. ties were strong or whatever the Washington administration was. Among the participants were chairman of the Jewish group Issac Herzog, along with Diaspora Affairs Minister Omer Yankelevitch and Ministry of Defense Minister Michael Biton, both from the Blue and White Party.