Gabi Ashkenazi breaks the silence: “Gantz is a brave, honest and valued warrior -…

Number 2 (former) in blue and white finally expresses support for the party leader: After a long absence from the election campaign and a prolonged silence, Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi declared that he would vote for Gantz. Ashkenazi, who decided to take a break from political life and did not participate in Ganz’s campaign, posted a tweet of support this morning (Friday).

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“I have known Bnei Gantz for many years. Two years ago I joined him in an attempt to change the government and when we failed – then to balance him,” Ashkenazi wrote. “We were not free from good will, and mistakes were made. We wanted to serve a kingdom and not a monarchy. On Tuesday I will vote ‘blue and white’ led by Bnei Gantz. A brave, honest and valiant warrior.”

At the end of December, Ashkenazi announced his temporary retirement from political life – and did not explicitly state that he would support Blue and White and Gantz. “I have decided not to continue in blue and white and I am taking a break and considering my way,” he said at the time. “Thank you Livni for the partnership along the way and wish him success. I will continue in my role as long as I require.” Ashkenazi has decided not to appear on any of the Knesset lists, and he continues to serve as foreign minister in the transitional government.