From Dubai to hospitals: believers around the world celebrate Hanukkah

What would Hanukkah be without parties? That is the question facing the world this winter, with the pandemic of coronavirus making collections of any size dangerous. But like the other holidays that have taken place since the pandemic began in March, the celebrations have changed to meet the moment.

Here’s what that was like.

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1. Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

In Brooklyn, Rabitz-activator Yitzchok Moully, along with the Hadas Gallery and Synagogue with a Chabad connection, created a Hanukkah wall mural for travelers to write on. The mural, which covers a 75-foot wall, featured members of the local community holding up candles, representing branches of the menorah.

2. New York City

The car parade has become part of the 2020 celebrations. In New York City, a group of Cuban people danced on the roof of a car in the center of Times Square on December. 14, 2020, while others drove around the city in holiday-worn vehicles.

3. San Francisco

The first public menorah illumination took place at Chabad in San Francisco’s Union Square 45 years ago. This year, Bill Graham “Mama” Menorah 22-foot was enlightened to continue the tradition.

4. Zoom, meaningful

Rabbi David Booth of the Kol Emeth Congregation in Palo Alto, California, gathered a Zoom call that included a Conservative rabbi from all states, at the end of a year that included a primary school election that felt isolated for many. “This kind of national effort is a way to strengthen Judaism in all 50 states,” Booth said.

5. Sydney, Australia

Australia was emerging from months of lockdown as Hanukkah began allowing certain personal gestures. Rabbi Dr. Benjamin Elton lit the menorah in the synagogue in December. 17, 2020, in Sydney, two nights after Abra Kaplan, a resident of Sydney, her son Roee watched the candles burn after lighting the menorah in her own home.

6. Toronto, Canada

After Canadian officials put the city of Toronto in a hard lock due to a rise in conditions, some large menorah rabbits tied up their trucks and drove around the city, leading the scene into disbelief. that they were inside their homes.

7. Tel Aviv, Israel

Medical staff lit Hanukkah candles and identified with patients at the COVID-19 isolation ward at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv on December. 15, 2020.

8. Italy

The chief rabbi of Rome, Riccardo di Segni, menorah Hanukkah on December. 15 in front of the Lazzaro Spallanzani National Institute for Infectious Diseases, where thousands of patients with COVID-19 received treatment. The event was dedicated to the doctors and health workers on the front line of the pandemic of coronavirus, which struck Italy early and hard.

9. Casablanca, Morocco

A Moroccan rabbi, along with other members of the Casablanca Jewish community, publicly lit the menorah at a ceremony held on the fifth night of Hanukkah, days after Israel announced it had resumed diplomatic relations with Morocco.

10. Needham, Massachusetts

On December 13, 2020, the Chabad of Needham organized a car menorah parade. As the procession progressed from the Chabad Jewish Center, a woman took a selfie from the car’s passenger window on December. 13, 2020.

11. Hamburg, Germany

A crane was needed to lift Rabbi Shmuel Havlin, the leader of the Lubavitch Cabin from Hamburg, high enough to light her outdoor menorah. The lighting took place on the Reesendamm Bridge at Jungfernstieg and was broadcast on Zoom.

A group of Israeli entrepreneurs celebrated Hanukkah for the first time at a hotel in Dubai on December. 10, 2020. In the two weeks since Israel and the United Arab Emirates signed a historic peace treaty, 50,000 Israelis have already visited.