French monks wanted to sell stock of ‘artisanal cheese’ online after lockout affected sales

How hard can cheese be sold? Well, 19 Trappist monks of a famous French monastery in the heart of Burgundy are taking help from the internet to sell nearly 4,000 artisanal cheeses, which are still in stock since the Covid-19 lock was announced in France last year. Citeaux abbey south of Dijon which is the birthplace of Cistercian Catholic order sells the special artisanal cheese – the raw milk, semi-soft rinds that are so good that they won the silver medal at the Co International Food and Drink Competition in Lyon, in 2020.

Sales will be down 50 percent, an internet start to help sell off 1-ton artisanal cheese by next week

However, since the lock was imposed, the hotels and restaurants in Burgundy have been closed. These are the places that usually buy all stocks of artisanal cheese. But because of the state of the pandemic, the monastery has not opened the shops to sell the cheese, and there were no other ways to sell the specific product. Sales down to 50 percent refer to the brothers Jean-Claude, who was in charge of marketing at the monastery named by the U.S. daily saying “We tried to explain to the 75 our cows would have to make less milk but they probably won’t have you understood. [sic]“This has accumulated the cheese stock and the monks have to clean the 2.8 tonnes of cheese before the produce is consumed.

Meanwhile, the monastery has sold about 700 kg of cheese. However, to overcome the issues faced by the monks in selling the artisanal cheese, the monastery has now spoken to the Internet startup Divine Box. The startup is helping the monks get their produce in the French markets where they get more customers. Currently, the goal set by the monastery is to sell at least 1 tonne of cheese by next Tuesday, while a minimum order of two wheels will cost 23 euros ($ 27) each, with additional cost for shipping.