France: Imprisonment sentences for 14 terrorist aides – World News

The scene of the attack on a hyper kosher

The scene of the attack on a hyper kosher

Photo: Reuters

A French court yesterday sentenced 14 terror aides to prisoners who provided logistical assistance to terrorists who carried out the attacks on the offices of satirical magazine Charlie the Bedouin nearly six years ago, as well as the aides of the terrorist who carried out the attack on Hyper Kosher near the Charlie Bedouin incident.

The judges ruled that the two incidents were interrelated, and the terrorist who carried out the hyper-kosher attack was a good friend of the brothers who massacred Charlie Bedouin workers, killing nine of them, as well as two policemen and a cleaning worker. The terrorist from Hyper Kosher killed four people at the scene, after also killing a policewoman.

The trial sentenced 14 friends and aides of the terrorists who carried out the attacks, in which a total of 17 people were killed, after the terrorists themselves were killed in those days, at the end of the police manhunt for them.

Two of the convicts, who were sentenced yesterday to 30 years in prison, were tried in their absence after fleeing to Syria and joining the ISIS terrorist organization, including the terrorist’s wife from Hyper Kosher.

Mild prison sentences were imposed on the other aides, some of whom were indicted on a charge of conspiracy to commit a terrorist attack and membership in a terrorist organization, on a charge of conspiracy to commit a crime, because they claimed it was a common crime they were assisting, and had no information about their comrades Lethal attacks with many dead. The French prosecution accepted these allegations in some cases, and accordingly demanded less severe punishment for the aides who they said did not know what activity they were assisting.