Former NRP chairman expresses support for right

Benzi Robin, Knitted News23.02.21 14:31 Ya Bader Tishpa

Strengthening sectors to the right.

The Minister of Education and Transportation and former chairman of the NRP, Rabbi Yitzhak Levy, expresses support for the right-wing party: “Naftali Bennett is a right-wing man and a worthy leader. I am sure that the right-wing will strengthen the values ​​of religious Zionism that we uphold.”

In a meeting held today (Tuesday) at his home in Kfar Maimon with a right-wing candidate for the Knesset, Nir Orbach, the former minister said, “I decided to vote for the right-wing party this time for several reasons. The first reason is that I appreciate Naftali. “Leadership. I appreciate him. He is definitely a worthy leader.”

The rabbi added, “Religious Zionism is deeply ingrained within the party – when I see the list, I see Matan, and Alon, you (Orbach), Ayelet Shaked, and Idit. There is a very significant public of representatives of religious Zionism and I support them. “To come and say look, I see you as part of the representatives of religious Zionism that once was. I am sure that this will strengthen the values ​​of religious Zionism that we uphold. I would love to see you succeed with the help of the name.”

Nir Orbach thanked Rabbi Levy for his support and said, “We are on the right precisely for these values. The right is the home of all religious Zionism. As the leader of religious Zionism and former minister in Israeli governments, your support is very important to us.”

“Most religious Zionism is on the right”

Earlier, Nir Orbach said in an interview at Knitwear Studio: “I tried to lead a move in a Jewish home, and there was a struggle between two approaches – one more introverted and the other comparing politics to where the public is, led by the state. The Jewish Home Center made its decision, I made my decision “And following me, the Jewish House also made the decision to join the right. Is this the end of the Jewish House? Only days will tell.”

“If I had been elected, I would have negotiated with everyone but I suppose in the end, the Jewish House under my leadership would have entered at least 2 seats in the top ten, with the name of the Jewish House.”

Regarding the vote struggle against Smutrich’s party, Auerbach says: “They appeal to a very specific segment within the sector. And by the way, I estimate that a large part of their voters also come from modern-day Chabad and ultra-Orthodox. We turn to the mainstream of religious Zionism. “

Members on the right on a tour of the south

Auerbach was asked whether in the future there is also the prospect of a primaries: “We are currently busy accumulating political power ahead of the election. After that we are busy feeling the political power. Religious Zionism is on the right. I tried my best to keep the Jewish home but I realized that this thing needs to move on to the next floor. “

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