Former F1 ace Sir Jackie Stewart ‘Spielberg helped get Indiana Jones filming’ | UK News

Sir Jackie Stewart has told how he helped Steven Spielberg get permission to record an Indiana Jones film in a famous place.

The Formula One triple world champion said he sent the director to the king of Jordan – who helped him with a film in Petra.

Spielberg was desperate for permission to shoot in late 1989 which hit Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade at the famous archaeological site but was denied permission.

Sir Jackie, 81, revealed the news to Princess Anne during a video call to raise awareness of the charity Race Against Dementia.

The third Indiana Jones film features famous scenes at The Treasure in Petra
Petra’s The Treasure features in memorable scenes from the film

He said Spielberg and the stars of the film, Harrison Ford and Sir Sean Connery, were taking part in a charity clay pigeon hunting event he organized at Gleneagles.

Sir Jackie said Spielberg appeared unconcerned during their conversation: “It ‘s starting to look over my shoulder and I think,’ what did I do to make this worthy?

“And suddenly he says ‘excuse me, but that looks like King Hussein of Jordan over there’, and I said ‘yes, that’s who he is’.

Steven Spielberg
Steven Spielberg met the king of Jordan and got the permission he needed

Spielberg explained his legacy, with Sir Jackie playing a match to solve the problem.

He told Princess Anne: “I said ‘maybe you should talk to His Majesty’, so I got them together – bingo – he got his license and he was a very happy chappie.”

The Treasury, one of the most famous sites in Petra, ended up showing the temple containing the Holy Grail in famous scenes from the film.

Anne and Sir Jackie have been close friends for several years and his wife Lady Helen, 77, is the goddess of Zara Tindall, the princess’ daughter.

It was Lady Helen’s diagnosis with dementia six years ago that prompted her husband to launch his charity.

Jackie Stewart and Princess Anne speak.  Credit Race Against Dementia
Sir Jackie was speaking to Princess Anne in a call to promote her dementia charity

It aims to use Formula One problem-solving technologies, innovations and philosophies to study the condition.

It has already raised millions to fund a network of researchers who are taking the advances from McLaren F1, Red Bull Racing and Dyson into their work towards a greater understanding of the disease.

Princess Anne’s speech to Sir Jackie was part of Memories – a series of conversations in support of the charity.

In the coming months he will be joined by Prince Albert of Monaco, tennis legend Rod Laver, Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason and opera singer Dame Kiri Te Kanawa.

Speaking after the video call, Sir Jackie said: “I have been fortunate to have had an amazing career and my wife Helen was by my side through it all.

attending the Autosport Awards beverage ceremony at the Grosvenor House Hotel on 6 December 2015 in London, England.
Sir Jackie Stewart and his wife Lady Helen in 2016

“We should have been able to share those memories forever but depression is stealing that away.

“Without urgent progress, one in three people born today will go into depression and that is inappropriate.

“I strongly believe that Formula One’s use of advanced technologies and innovative thinking to achieve dramatic advances at a distance can help scientists make real progress in dementia research. “