Foreign team and revolution in defense: the future of Betar and celebrating

The press conference of Betar Jerusalem owners Moshe Celebrating yesterday (Monday) was a preparation for what is going to happen at the club next season in terms of budget, salary, staff and coaching staff.

The press conference for Moshe Hogg is intended to examine how the field, ie the fans, will react to what he said, to his plans and to the fact that Betar will not set a budget similar to that of Maccabi Tel Aviv, Maccabi Haifa and Hapoel Beer Sheva next season.

This experimental balloon is celebrating reactions in both directions, but it is very quickly realized at home and in the garden that the Betar Jerusalem owners’ plan will be realized next season. Chairman Eli Ohana, CEO Moni Brosh and the team’s accountant Haim Navon are working on the work plan for next season when they have to meet the goals set for them.

Sheikh, Disappointment and Fans: Celebrates talking about everything


The club’s budget will be about NIS 40 million, Betar cannot build on high revenues from fans, when the lack of attractiveness this season will not sweep away an audience next season. In a good season, Betar can bring in about NIS 25-30 million from the sale of tickets and subscriptions, television, sponsorships, toto. Therefore a team will be built where the average salary has dropped, contracts will be signed for the long term only with young players, the rest of the players will be signed for the season with an option.

Betar Jerusalem fans. Will not rush to purchase a subscription (Itzik Blanitzky)

Coaching team

Celebrates wants a foreign team and has already started groping among agents about options for coaches. Some people think that the owner should get help from Yossi Benyon when it comes to recruiting a foreign coach, due to the previous professional manager’s familiarity with the appropriate professionals abroad. A celebrant knows that the cost of a foreign team will cost him much more than an Israeli coach, with such a team including a coach, assistant coach, fitness coach and sometimes even a goalkeeping coach. Add to all this the fact that this team has to take care of housing and vehicles – in short, not a cheap story, but still preferred by the owner over an Israeli coach.


Betar can not make a change in the squad with a replacement of more than 7-8 players. Some of the players who are not welcome for next season have signed contracts and here is CEO Mooney Brosh and chairman Eli Ohana will have to figure out how to resolve the tangle with them. Itamar Nitzan is signed for next season and will continue, as well as Krieff, Degani, Zargari, Yarden Shua, Michael Ohana, Marco Yanakovich and his followers.

What about the rest? Shay Constestin with a contract from which they will try to be released, Santiago Occupos will be released on loan or sale, Ben Haim will not continue. Or Zahavi will probably be released, Tamir Adi is swaying, Niko Olsk will not continue, his back and Oren Bitton are also expected to pay the price, when celebrating, as mentioned, he placed most of the responsibility for the defense on the failure of the season.

Tal Ben Haim.  Unexpected to continue (Radad Jabara)Tal Ben Haim. Unexpected to continue (Radad Jabara)

Diego Vardska and Antoine Conte are out, Ali Muhammad will try to sell in the summer and if they do not succeed his contract will be extended. As for Eliran Atar, the player needs to reach 16 goals and assists in order for his contract to be extended automatically – even if he does, his future at the club will be determined by the ability and motivation he will display in the lower playoffs. Glaofilo Hasselbaink will be released or loaned, Idan Vered will be offered a two-year contract. The youngsters Uziel Pardo, Roy Doga, David Dego will continue, of course also the assistant goalkeeper Nathaniel Daloia. Betar will want to strengthen with two defenders (Grechkin may return), a foreign brake, a foreign back contact instead of Olsk and a striker. Liran Rotman is expected to return from the loan from her room.

Eliran Atar.  Not only dependent on him (Oren Ben Hakon)Eliran Atar. Not only dependent on him (Oren Ben Hakon)


Moshe said that he was celebrating during the trip, that a condition for him to stay at the club was that most of the audience would want him as the owner of Betar. At the moment the situation is stable for him, but the club intends to take care of some of the La Familia fans. The team’s management is recently examining, through legal advice, how it will be possible to prevent the entry to the team’s home and away games from fans who have been marked by the club’s heads as detrimental to the team’s reputation. At the same time celebrating may continue to use the tool of personal civil lawsuits against fans to produce deterrence. “Celebrating does not want wars and already said it yesterday, but will not stand aside and accept the behavior of fans who harm the club,” concluded Betar.

Home fansBetar Jerusalem fans (Oren Ben Hakon)


Betar has not won a championship in over a decade, it has become irrelevant in the Premier League when it comes to top fights. The fans are thirsty for the title, for a big, exciting, overwhelming Betar, full Teddy, like in the good days of the club two decades ago. For that, we need to build a team in a smart way, bring in quality and committed players, ones for whom Betar Jerusalem is an empire.

One of the big problems for the team from the capital stems from the fact that it is unable to get its hands on significant and quality players. In other words, a cannon player from Maccabi Haifa or Maccabi Tel Aviv will never think of moving to Betar and this is one of the club’s biggest problems in recent years. Betar has to make do with players that Maccabi Haifa, Maccabi Tel Aviv and even Beer Sheva do not want.

When Maccabi Tel Aviv was looking to get rid of Eliran Atar, he came to Betar, when Maccabi Haifa did not want Jordan Shua, so he came to Betar, when will Betar succeed in signing players that Maccabi Haifa or Maccabi Tel Aviv want? You laughed at Noble Omar.

Noble Omar.  In the end, Green preferred (Omri Stein)Noble Omar. In the end, Green preferred (Omri Stein)

And when that does not happen, then one is forced to change direction, build the new model of Moshe Hogg, try to be a team that steals a championship or a team that competes at the top to reach Europe at best or the top playoff at worst.