For the price, it needs more range

Garaids Harry featuring the all-new Volkswagen ID.3. What does it look like? How much will it cost you one? Harry got to stay with the ID.3 for a week to find out.

Volkswagen has been talking about diving into electric vehicles for years now. After much announcement and delay, its first two ID electric vehicles have arrived: The ID.3 compact hatchback and the ID.4 crossover. Sadly, the ID.3 is not coming to our shores. However, the ID.4, and it is useful to learn more about the family of VW ID cars as a whole.

Harry says Volkswagen expects the ID.3 to be the new benchmark for electric family cars, as was the case with the VW Golf years ago. While that may not be true with this car even though it came to the US, that may be true in Europe, where family cars are much smaller. The ID.3 checks the right boxes for that market as it is small on the outside and large on the inside.

According to Harry ‘s official paper for the ID.3 he is reviewing, he has 260 miles of range based on the WLTP test cycle. However, when he gets into the fully charged car to inspect the field, he says 198 miles. At one point, before he even starts driving, the range seen on the screen changes to 179 miles. It is important to remember that it is cold and wet outside.

At any rate, what matters is how far the car travels before a charge is required. Harry takes it for a long ride in mixed situations. He likes the car overall, but is not happy with the range at all. In fact, he wonders how the WLTP could even suggest such a thing when it was struggling to go 185 miles. Harry says he had to be careful to lower the cruise control and not go above 70 mph, not turn up the heat, and leave the heating seats, just to make it to London and back.

Check out the video review for all the important details. What do you think of the ID.3? If it came to the USA, would you buy one? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.