Flashlight vaccinated in front of the cameras, Trump: “We will immediately distribute the vaccine of …

Also in the US see the light at the end of the tunnel? After vaccinations began for medical teams in the United States, today (Friday) Vice President Mike Pence also joins the list of vaccinated. US President Donald Trump is reportedly still hesitant to get vaccinated – and not just because he has already recovered from the virus.

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The flashlight vaccine was broadcast live, with the goal of “promoting the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine and building trust among the American public.” Vice President Karen’s wife will also receive the vaccine and so will Dr. Jerome Adams, the chief physician in the U.S. administration – a parallel role to head of public health services.

The United States has begun giving the Pfizer vaccine, and soon the Modern company vaccine will also receive final approval. To date, 3 million first doses of the vaccine have been distributed in the 50 countries, while the death toll from the virus in the United States stands at more than 310,000.

In a series of tweets issued by the president, he referred to the course of modernizing the vaccine of a modern company. He said, following the approval of the FDA Advisory Committee “Vaccine distribution will begin immediately, vaccines on the way!”.