Flag-Smasher is Marvel’s deadliest villain from Thanos

Was Thanos right? It was a joke, then a meme, then a shorthand for those looking to play a devil advocate with villains. And now, thanks to The Flag-Smashers of The Hawk and the Winter Soldier, the meme is real – and dangerous.

Destroyers for Hawk and the winter soldier Episode 1 is ahead.

In the first program, Sam Wilson learns about a new category of people who believe that things were better at the time of the Blip, and that true peace can only be found by tearing apart boundaries. This belief is not new, and not the name of the group: the Flag-Smashers.

Flag-Smasher is the most famous classic comic villain for going against Captain America in Marvel Comics starting in 1985. In a way, Flag-Smasher is the Man-Bat to Batman Captain America. Where all the myths surrounding Captain America focus on nationalism and the symbols we use to represent hope and patriotism, Flag-Smasher’s mission is to dispel all separation of nationality to create a world without united borders as one human race.

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In the case of evil plans, “world peace” is not terrible. But the best ways to achieve it – such as “setting up a terrorist group” and “hosting a passenger plane,” to name a couple – are not the best.

In Captain America # 322, Steve Rogers concludes by rescuing Flag Smasher after a confrontation, dragging it across the Swiss Alps in a respectable wing sauce. It gives him plenty of time to protect his beloved brand.

Captain America defends his values ​​to a captured Flag-Smasher.Marvel Comics

In The Hawk and the Winter Soldier, Flag-Smasher grows up from just one shadow figure pulling the strings behind a terror group, to becoming the real group itself.

In a world where Anonymous and other internet trends can create global reach, the Flags are the shadow figures themselves. In the documentary, Sam’s new friend Joaquin takes part in a flash heist mob before attempting to capture the Flag-Smasher head.

But is that the real head of Flag-Smasher?

In the comics, the first Flag-Smasher was named Karl Morgenthau. He was the son of a Swiss diplomat who died in a riot at an embassy, ​​which led Karl to believe that a whole concept of different countries was necessary, even if that meant creating a bit of anarchy on him. the way.

There is a speculation that the young girl from the Superbowl trailer may not be in the same mask we see Joaquin wearing except for a sex-modified Smasher Flag named Karli, probably the daughter of a deceased diplomat at Bucky’s hands in order to get money invested in the fight.

Torres dances the Flag-Smashers mask while he looks down.Marvel Entertainment

In a way, a sex-changing Flag-Smasher makes a lot of sense. After all, this is a villain who was first created to become the antithesis of Captain America. And what is the difference between a loving old white man? Anarchist multi-faceted young girl. Whether she’s just a member of the Flag-Smashers or the brains of all, her presence certainly makes a big difference in showing the empty space left by Captain America in the lives of his friends and country.

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