First hearing in the civil lawsuit against Eyal Golan; Demonstration of support for complainants

Today (Monday), two of the plaintiffs appeared in the Tel Aviv District Court to hear the compensation claim they filed against the singer Eyal Golan, against his associates and against the police. The lawsuit deals with incidents investigated by the police since 2014 in an affair known as “board games.”

A demonstration of support and identification with the victims took place in the district court plaza, organized by the Association of Assistance Centers for Victims and Victims of Sexual Assault, with the participation of the “All” Association. The demonstrators carried signs with the caption: “Believe in you”, “You are not alone” and “You are not silent”.

The hearing took place behind open doors in accordance with the complainants’ wishes and following a request from Globes, journalist Chen Maanit and Channel 13. Golan himself was not required to appear for the hearing, and his lawyer Oded Gil represented him at the hearing.

Prosecutors said today: “We are glad we came to this moment, after very long years of injustice. It is time for the world to see who the real liar is. For everyone to look at him, and he will be ashamed, not us. “The first step on the road to justice. The first discussion dealt with formal matters. In the following discussions, we hope that the truth will be proven and published.”

The lawsuit alleges that this was a case of continuous sexual exploitation of young girls, coming from a background of financial and family distress, which were passed from hand to hand between a group of older men. Bnei Peretz, Golan’s promoter, was also sued, but the lawsuit against him was dropped, after he reached a compromise agreement with the plaintiffs.

The lawsuit was also filed against the Israel Police for alleging failures and deficiencies in the Golan and other investigations in the case.

During the hearing, Judge Yael Ilani tried to persuade the parties to resort to mediation despite the difficult disputes between them and despite Golan not appearing for mediation before: “I have no doubt that it is right and proper to go to mediation for all parties. Mediation has enormous benefits. “Every now and then there are rising waves in the media, and everything is stormy, everyone feels hurt, but we need to put the noise aside and make an effort.”

Advocate Rotem Aloni, representing the plaintiffs, claimed that Golan was “dragging his feet”, that “he has no willingness to mediate, and there is no one to talk to,” and that he did not appear for mediation before it was determined. It can be squeezed.

The hearing also raised the question of the heirs of Golan’s late father, Danny Bitton, who was among the defendants, and it became clear that it has not yet been clarified who the heirs are. The plaintiffs claim that the identity of the heirs is relevant to the proceeding due to Golan’s ties and his father.

Judge Ilani ruled that within 30 days the parties would announce whether they agreed to resort to mediation, and at the same time adjourned the hearing to September 2021.

As you may recall, this is an affair that was published in 2013, in which suspicions of sexual exploitation of girls were investigated by the famous singer Eyal Golan and his associates, in which we organized Bnei Peretz. The criminal cases against all those involved in the case were eventually closed, including Golan, except for the case against the late Danny Bitton, Golan’s father, who was convicted in a plea bargain of aggravated prostitution, exploitation of minors for prostitution, obstruction of justice and destruction of evidence. He was sentenced to two years in prison.