Find expired meat and expired products • Watch

In a combined enforcement activity of the Israel Police and the law enforcement agencies in the Aruv settlement in the Negev, during which meat weighing more than half a ton from an unknown source was seized and destroyed, as well as illegal electrical connections that were disconnected.

In a combined enforcement activity conducted on Thursday by Israel Police appellate station police and business licensing lawsuits in cooperation with law enforcement agencies, including the Income Tax, the Plant and Animal Control Unit in the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Health, the Green Police, the Electric Company, the Director of Fuel and Gas. Running a business without a license In addition, inspections were carried out within 7 businesses which taught about various deficiencies that are a risk to public safety and security.

Police enforcement. Photo: Police Spokeswoman

IEC workers have detected illegal power connections, indicating power theft and damage to infrastructure. Therefore, disconnections were made and an investigation was opened.

The connections found to be invalid. Credit: Police Spokeswoman

In the management of the business books inspected by the tax authorities, suspicions were found of many material deficiencies, including non-registration of receipts.

Inspectors of the Plant and Animal Control Unit from the southern region, accompanied by a district veterinarian, found meat in the business from an unknown and unlabeled source, with a total weight of more than half a ton, as well as expired meat products. The meat was transferred for destruction and the findings were transferred for further treatment.

The inspectors of the Fuel and Gas Administration located two vehicles which, according to the suspicion, were engaged in the sale of gas without a permit, the suspects were given fine reports, the gas cylinders were seized and they were summoned for questioning.

The gas cylinders found. Photo: Police Spokeswoman.

All findings were forwarded for further treatment to the legal departments of the enforcement units.

“The combined enforcement activity is part of a variety of activities led by the Israel Police together with the other enforcement agencies for the sake of security and public peace,” the police said.