Fernando Alonso makes a ‘very positive’ impact at Alpine

Davide Brivio believes that Fernando Alonso’s drive to get the best out of everyone at Alpine has a “very positive” effect on the team.

Alonso has returned to Formula 1 after two years away, doing so with the rebranding team at which he captured his two World Championships in 2005-06.

Anything but a declining violet, the Spaniard has earned a reputation for being an emergency personality of the builders he has led, without resolutely giving any prisoners the most accomplished performance. get the best from the car.

Nothing seems to have changed when he joined Alpine – but racing director Brivio has no problem with the way Alonso tries to inspire those around him.

“[Fernando] very much pushing and I think it is very hopeful that the team will have this kind of driver who tends to motivate everyone, pushing everyone to the maximum. , ”said Brivio, quoted by Motorsport.com.

“With his return to the largest class of cars, it also shows how strongly he is motivated to be back in action and doing very well.”

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Someone who could feel the benefit of Alonso’s strong character is his teammate Esteban Ocon, even though he is the first driver the 39-year-old will be willing to hit.

But if the senior can pull the team forward overall he can’t be good for Ocon, as long as he’s up to the challenge.

“I think it’s a good mix where Fernando will also be important to Esteban, to also show how he can work differently with an experienced driver,” said Brivio.

“At the same time, Esteban Fernando can help as he becomes more and more competitive and I think it would be very competitive this year, so I like this mix and I’m I’m really looking forward to seeing both work. ”

There have been suggestions that while some promising signs have emerged from pre-season tests in Bahrain, Alpine is not as fast compared to its direct competitors.

However, Brivio denied these concerns, commenting on the drivers: “They are doing a good job. We were able to go through the plan without any issue.

“As for Fernando, I saw him so quickly. I think they can be as fast from the first race and ready to fight on the other level.

“Obviously, it is our job and our job to provide them with a good package. We’ll have to see the race weekend, maybe the first few races, but I think we’re done. ”

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