Fellow faculty wonders: “Is this all for another year in office?”

Against the background of attempts in recent days to prevent the dispersal of the Knesset and to go to the polls, intensive contacts are being made between the Likud and the Blue on the way to a possible compromise. In addition to approving the state budget, another blue-and-white principle is to keep Avi Nissenkorn in the post of justice minister, with Prime Minister Netanyahu tending to agree to the proposal, according to reports.

Following this, News 12 commentator Amit Segal wondered about it, saying: “Yesterday, an Saar party was launched that carried out far-reaching reforms in the justice system. The right proposes more far-reaching reforms.

“And all this for another year in office?”, Segal asked and stated that this is a “deal that is both bad for him and contrary to the entire campaign he has raised here in recent years.”