Far ahead of target date, 100 million vaccinated by Friday, Biden predicts

WASHINGTON, United States (AFP) – U.S. President Joe Biden said Thursday that his goal will be to deliver 100 million doses of coronavirus vaccine administered in his first 100 days in office by Friday, well in advance. the original target.

“I am proud to say that tomorrow, 58 days into my administration, we will have met my goal of giving our fellow Americans 100 million views,” he said in a White House speech.

When Biden took office on January 20, the program to stop coronav pandemic disease through national immunization was just getting underway.

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Biden initially said he wanted to deliver 100 million doses within 100 days but after reaching that target he said he would announce a new criterion next week.

“Eight weeks ago, only eight per cent of older people – the most vulnerable to COVID-19 – had been vaccinated. Today, 65 per cent of people aged 65 and over have at least one vision, ”he said.

“That’s fundamental, because this is the population that represents 80 percent of the more than 500,000 COVID-19 deaths that have occurred in America.”

Despite initial suspicions about the goal of getting one million vaccines a day, health workers are now injecting between two and three million views per day.

Accelerated distribution of vaccines is coupling with falling disease rates, leading to hopes that the world’s largest economy will recover strongly.

However, with Europe in the grip of a new rise in COVID-19 cases and vaccine programs going down there, U.S. health officials are still receiving strong warnings.

“This is a time for hope but not a time for rest,” Biden warned.

Now is not the time to lay down our guard. In the past week, we have seen an increase in the number of cases in several states. Scientists have made it clear that things could get worse as new strains of this virus spread. “

Vaccines for US neighbors

Americans need their chance to get the vaccine when it becomes available, he said, addressing the large sections of society that have so far resisted.

Former President Donald Trump just this week called directly on his supporters, who are one of the largest groups of vaccine opponents, to accept the views, he said. “It’s a good vaccine, it’s a safe vaccine.”

But with vaccine production churning out in the United States, the Biden administration says it is now on point to be able to send additional views of the AstraZeneca version to nearby Mexico and Canada. hand.

Biden news secretary Jen Psaki said 2.5 million doses were being raised for Mexico and 1.5 million for Canada. A total of seven million doses have been collected.

However, Psaki was unclear about the times.

“We’re evaluating how we can borrow doses,” she said. “It’s not ready yet. This is what we’re working towards, to Canada and Mexico.”

“Our first priority remains vaccinating the U.S. population,” she said, adding “the fact that the disease is not known is a pandemic.”

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