Facebook Working on a device to read your brain

Mind Meld

Facebook may be one of the last companies you want to read your mind to, but that won’t stop the social media giant from trying.

At a company meeting released Tuesday, Facebook Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer noted the recent advancement of the company’s neural interface technology, BuzzFeed News reports. The ultimate goal, it seems, is not to capture our thoughts as another version of personal data – but to enable people to control software with their thoughts.

Pre-empty protection

All in all, Schroepfer seemed to admit that getting people to use the technology may be a hard sell, according to the audio of the leaked meeting he received. BuzzFeed News.

“We need to build sensibly to gain trust and the right to continue to grow,” Schroepfer said. “It’s vital that we get this right so that people around the world can access these amazing technologies … without experiencing the problems. ”

Purchasing power

Facebook has been working towards this brain-reading system for years. The company announced its plans to develop a brain-computer interface headset in 2017, and in September 2019 purchased the CTRL-Labs neural interface startup.

Based on the meeting released, Facebook seems to have made some progress toward its goal – so, if Facebook ‘s statement is to be believed, the sci-fi dream may be a dream come true. about sending orders to a computer just by thinking about it soon.

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