Facebook and lies are killing us

These are challenging and dangerous times. The coronavirus vaccine has been approved and will be released soon, but at the same time, we have a new surge of COVID-19 cases.

Perhaps the false sense of security, feeling with the knowledge that the vaccine would be available to all, is death. A Hebrew University expert predicts that hundreds will become seriously ill and that hundreds will die by February.

מחלקת קורונה בשיבאמחלקת קורונה בשיבא

Coronavirus ward at Sheba Medical Center near Tel Aviv

(Photo: AFP)

And lies all around us are spreading, from outright lies to complex manipulation, all of which are promoted on social media platforms, Facebook or WhatsApp, and when the lies are upgraded enough, they even making its way to major steam media outlets to attract more. audience.

The level of waste is appalling. A “doctor” from abroad explains the absence of a coronavirus, a post warns that the COVID-19 vaccine causes sterility in women, a document from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has quoted -out of context, while an untrained Israeli physician In relevant fields, has found a link between vaccination and degenerative muscular dystrophy.

There is a link to an article warning that children should not be vaccinated – they will not be vaccinated at this stage.

A post says masks are dangerous, cites false information, and another says that vaccines use cyanide – lies.

סימולציה אחרונה בשיבא לקראת מתן החיסונים נגד קורונהסימולציה אחרונה בשיבא לקראת מתן החיסונים נגד קורונה

סימולציה אחרונה בשיבא לקראת מתן החיסונים נגד קורונה

(צילום: איתן אלחדז, TPS )

One post given to a doctor, states that the vaccine contains proteins that cause the coronavirus to self-destruct. – The vaccines from Pfizer or Moderna do not contain proteins and do not cause the coronavirus to self-destruct either.

Let’s not forget the conspiracy theories, anti-vaxxers and those with often hidden mixed agendas.

But Facebook doesn’t care.

All posts receive Likes and Shares and are widely distributed. You hear them on the street, in the laundry and from your grocery store telling you that Bill Gates is standing up to be killed by vaccines.

Everyone has a smartphone with authentication.

Facebook announced earlier this month that it would remove erroneous content about coronavirus and vaccines from its platforms including Instagram. He would not lie in particular about the dangers of the new vaccines. But this would take some time, Facebook said.

But we do not have time. The damage is already being done. Serious physical damage resulting from misleading information.

Facebook also plans to remove content in the United States and Europe but will not block content posted in Thailand, Urdu or Hebrew. We will follow the natives, the local tribes on social media generating profits for the company even though they have little concern for our well-being. It is too difficult to keep track of obscure languages. It’s too much investment.

And as the lies spread, rulers fall asleep. In Israel as in South America.

A post circulated in Peru in early November showed a picture of soldiers standing next to some nurses. “There is an emergency vaccination campaign,” the postman said. “This is just the beginning.”

And the lie spreads from one person to the next and the next infectious person accepts someone else who dies as a result of those lies inevitably.

ייק ניוזייק ניוז

Photo: False news

(Photo: Shutterstock)

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. he famously said that an individual shouting “Fire” in a theater did not use free speech. It was “very bad,” Homes said.

But we are not considering free speech. We are referring to a corporate policy that works for profit.

Our government, which is quick to impose restrictions on us, should show the courage to stand up to these corporations.

It can add a little addendum to the coronavirus law passed through in the early days of pandemic pandemic, which prevented the spread of lies that cause harm to public health.

If a lie is not removed within 12 hours of being notified on Facebook or Instagram – the company will be fined, the addendum should say.

The money raised could be used to purchase much-needed medical supplies for personal protective equipment, to airmen.

If a pandemic keeps the news false, that money will be put to good use.