Excitement builds as 2021 ERC changes get approval from FIA World Motor Sports Council – FIA ERC

Excitement picks up as the 2021 ERC changes get approval from the FIA ​​World Motor Sports Council

The FIA ​​European Rally Championship eight-events calendar for 2021 – as well as governance and form tweaks – received approval from the FIA ​​World Sports Council at its online meeting yesterday (December 16) to mark an exciting season. we have to celebrate.

The cost-based calendar for the 2021 FIA European Rally Championship has been approved by the WMSC. Composed for eight events, including four on asphalt and four on gravel, the table was set with a focus on budget savings. This has been achieved by reducing the number of island rallies from three to two and by combining two backyard events to limit unnecessary expenditure.

Logistic support will once again be given to competitors competing in the 55th Azores Rallye and Islas Canarias Rally. The calendar is allowed as follows:

Round 1: Serras de Fafe e Felgueiras Rally (Portugal, gravel), March 12-14, 2021
Round 2: 55th Rallye Azores (Gravel), March 25-27, 2021
Round 3: Canlas Canlas Rally (Asphalt), May 6-8, 2021 J.
Round 4: 77th Rally Poland (Gravel), June 18-20, 2021 J.
Round 5: Liepāja Rally (Latvia, gravel), July 1-3, 2021 J.
Round 6: Rally di Roma Capitale (Italy, asphalt), July 23-25, 2021 J.
Round 7: 50th Czech Barum Zlín (Asphalt) Rally, August 27-29, 2021 J.
Round 8: Hungary Rally (Asphalt), October 22-24, 2021 J.
J = ERC / ERC3 youth tour

Drivers count their top seven scores from eight possible. FIA ERC titles will be presented giving at least four events in 2021.

The concept of a back-up event was explained
The Serras de Fafe Rallye Felgueiras Rally and the 55th gravel-based Azores Rallye are expected to form the first 2021 FIA ERC grouped event arrangement. Following the conclusion of the Fafe event on March 14, a secure parking facility for rally cars, transporters, hauliers and any support vehicles will be set up before the cargo ship departs for the Azores island of São Miguel. on 19 March.

Two more gravel rounds, the 77th Poland Rally and the Liepāja Rally are ready to make the next group event arrangement. Once again a secure parking facility will be set up on its way north from Poland to Latvia a week later.

It is hoped that the storage arrangements will eliminate the requirement for teams to return to their bases unnecessarily with part of the trip to transport vehicles to the next completed rally efficiently at no additional cost.

The structure of the FIA ​​European Rally Championship allows drivers to move from Rally5 to Rally2, with the all-new Rally3 segment included as the next step up from Rally4.

All drivers with ERC priority status can score total competition points in 2021, regardless of the type of FIA rally car in which they compete (Rally2, the new Rally3 for-2021, Rally4, Rally5, Group N, Rally2 Kit and RGT).

While the eligibility of an ERC2 car remains unchanged for 2021 with drivers in Group N, RGT and Rally2 Kit engines allowed to score points, it is expected that from 2022, ERC2 will be for Rally3 cars only subject to WMSC approval .

ERC3, the established 2WD division, will remain open to Rally4 and Rally5 cars and provide first place for international competition for upgraded drivers nationally.

Measures to reduce competition costs in the FIA ​​European Rally Championship are still being implemented. The WMSC has approved recommendations from the FIA ​​Rally Commission that total distances be between 180 and 210 kilometers. Meanwhile, drivers in Rally2 cars will be allowed to use a maximum of 16 tires on asphalt and gravel events, while Rally3 drivers will be allowed to use a maximum of 16 tires on asphalt and 12 on gravel rallies. . For drivers in Rally4 and Rally5 cars, no more than 12 tires can be used on asphalt or gravel.

A press release will include information about a new flagship class for Rally3 cars using Pirelli tires as usual, as well as details of the prize package available.