Eurosport to PGA Tour coverage expanded in 2021 – Digital TV Europe

Discovery has acquired rights to the PGA Tour in over 30 areas for Eurosport.

The broadcaster will offer 43 weeks of live golf coverage to viewers in countries including Greece and the Czech Republic, while continuing to maintain the rights in Denmark, Italy, Norway, Portugal and Russia. Discovery said rights to the tournament in France, the UK, Sweden and Finland will be available at a later date, while Belgium, Germany, Iceland, the Netherlands, and Poland and Spain left off the cover.

There will be an average of 16 prime-time live hours per competition week, with Eurosport broadcasting locally with local language commentary and experts.

This is the latest chapter in Discovery’s long-term partnership with the PGA Tour announced in June 2018. The deal adds to its GolfTV channel, which features a deeper coverage of the sport.

Andrew Georgiou, president, Eurosport and Global Sports Rights & Sports Marketing Solutions, said: “We could not be excited to expand Discovery’s relationship with the PGA Tour and enrich Eurosport’s year-round golf offering . This will bring completely new content to sports fans in those countries who enjoy Eurosport channels and platforms every day. As we look forward to the Olympic Games next summer, Eurosport will be able to follow the journeys of many of the world’s top players all the way to Tokyo next summer.

“With the benefit of Eurosport’s multi-market experience and remote production experience, we are now able to deliver a level of regionalization that gives us a great view. As additional market rights become available with us, we are excited to help bring more fans to golf, as well as offer new access to brands that are for golf and sports audiences. draw at a level. ”

Rick Anderson, PGA TOUR Chief Media Officer, said: “Through Eurosport’s vast and growing network, we will be delivering year-round coverage of the TOUR to more sports fans than ever before, and with the people of the world. instead, thoughtful programming that will bring those fans closer to the game. ”