Esther Horgan: This is how the IDF fighters caught the murder suspect

A video released this morning (Monday) by the police reveals how the IDF fighters, the special unit for the fight against terrorism of the Border Police in the Jenin area, acted as part of the operation to capture the suspect in the murder of the late Esther Horgan in Samaria.

Documentation from the helmet camera of the IDF fighters shows the scans carried out by the fighters in the village of Tora al-Gharbiya in the Jenin area, the entrance to the house suspected of being involved in the murder and his arrest.

The police said that “Israeli police fighters, together with the General Security Service and the IDF, are working to maintain state security in counterterrorism operations and the arrest of terrorists.”

The suspect’s detention was extended on Saturday in the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court. Before extending his detention, the suspect repeated the murder in front of GSS and police cameras in the Reihan forest, and described how he threw the stone at her head and caused Horgan’s death.

On Friday, IDF forces conducted a mapping of the house of the suspect in the murder in the village of Tora. The mapping of the place was intended in order to prepare for the demolition of the house later.

The head of the Samaria Regional Council, Yossi Dagan, then called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to order the intensification of construction in the Binyamin region in northern Samaria, increase the settlement of Tal Menashe – the residence of Horgan’s family and establish another settlement that will commemorate her memory under the heading “Light Distribution”.

As you may recall, the 52-year-old Horgan, a resident of Tal Menashe, went for a walk at the beginning of the week in the afternoon and around 13:50 was observed by the security cameras in her locality as well as the testimony of her friend as she entered the Reihan forest. When she did not return home, it was her husband who reported her absence to the police, and since then large forces have been searching for her. At 2 a.m., Horgan’s body was found in the woods after a terrorist ran over her skull.