Ellen DeGeneres has lost more than 1 million viewers since an apology for a toxic workplace

Ellen DeGeneres, guest of the talk show, has been watching viewers since her program was marred by explosive allegations of workplace misconduct last year, the New York Times reported Monday.

DeGeneres apologized last September at the opening of her 18th season. Viewers watched that program, then tweaked out, the Times reported, citing Nielsen data. Since then, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” has lost more than 1 million viewers, down an average of 1.5 million in the last six months compared to 2.6 million in the same period last year.

That’s a 43% drop, dropping it from the league of juggernauts talking during the day as “Dr. Phil ”and“ Live: With Kelly and Ryan, ”both of which have over 2.5 million views. The “Ellen” rating is now closer to shows held by Kelly Clarkson, Maury Povich and former Jerry Springer security defender Steve Wilkos, the Times noted.

David McGuire, executive vice president of programming at Telepictures, a subsidiary of the show’s producer, Warner Bros., backed the Times results.

“The‘ Ellen DeGeneres Show ’remains one of the top three syndicated talk shows this season,” he said in a statement.

“While coverage is down all over the album and Covid has been challenging to produce, we look forward to bringing back our live audience and a 19th season full of comedy moments. and a cheer that has made ‘Ellen’ one of the longest runs. and the most successful talk shows in history. ”

“Ellen,” based on DeGeneres’ “be kind” branding, suffered a major blow to her reputation over the allegations, which were first reported by BuzzFeed in July last year. Several current and former employees of the show said they were opposed to racism, harassment and a toxic work environment on set, and several said they were being harassed by sexual agents. .

Warner Bros. investigation, and three key producers – Ed Glavin, Kevin Leman and Jonathan Norman – were fired by August.