Edu was caught by Wright for Willian ‘s’ time ‘claim as Arsenal’ s image demands more from Brazilian

Edu was caught by Wright for Willian ‘s’ time ‘claim as Arsenal’ s image demands more from Brazilian

The former Gunners striker says he has been given a confirmed Premier League player to land on the run, without making his way easy for the Emirates

Ian Wright has been targeting Arsenal technical director Edu, with the Gunners’ legend troubling how they at the Emirates Stadium can say that Willian – a proven Premier League player – needs “time” to play. arrange and implement the best.

The people of north London were believed to have lost a big cup when they won the Brazil international trophy away from Chelsea, Chelsea.

A few eyes were raised when he gave the 32-year-old a three-year contract, but he is a two-time title winner in England and was expected to enter the fold under Mikel Arteta.

Wright admits that was what he expected from South America, with Arsenal needing another creative impact to get on the ground.

That hasn’t been the case, with Willian’s disappointing form mirroring the shape of many around him, but he retains the full support of those in the Emirates boardroom.

Wright thinks the wrong messages are being sent by Edu and Co, with the Gunners striker telling the Wrighty House Podcast : “Can I say something because there is something that I read with Edu, with whom I was in the Rapid Vienna game. We had a conversation and it is very cheerful.

“But I was very disappointed with something I read with Edu talking about Willian needing time. I can’t have that – and I’d say it if I saw it – because we don’t want to be peddling that.

“We have brought Willian in to hit the ground and when he came in I read what you are [Edu] we said about a player with whom we need to win immediately.

“We have signed on for three years, which was very suspicious for many people. I went, ‘okay, Willian is a good enough, serial winner, and you look at the experience he brings’.

“To hear,‘ we need to give him more time ’… I needed something to push him because that’s not why he bought it. Willian needs that conversation where someone says, ‘my friend, listen, you’re here to get on the ground running’.

“I’m not throwing it under the bus but I’m trying to explain that Edu can’t come out and say those things when Arsenal are in a position where we have signed the player. for three years and has to hit the ground.

“It should be a dream come true but he may not have been energized. But he has come into a dressing room that has to be like the man.

“Now Edu says it takes time. You should not say that. Someone has to bring him in that office and talk to him and say, ‘you plan to do it now’.

Willian was an unused substitute as Arsenal were held to a 1-1 draw at home to Southampton on Wednesday, with Arteta opting to be relegated to the bench as Alexandre Lacazette slipped out of XI starting at the Gunners.