Eden Ben Zaken to Prime Minister Netanyahu on Instagram: “Come on”

During a live broadcast by Prime Minister Netanyahu on Instagram, a response surfaced from the official Instagram page of Eden Ben Zaken, who called him: “Come on, you” • On behalf of Ben Zaken, it was reported:

PhotoNews 12

After performing the song “I Have Love” together, Eden Ben Zaken responded today (Tuesday) on Instagram to Prime Minister Netanyahu during a live broadcast: “Come on.” Ben Zaken hurried to post a clarification post on the social network and wrote: “Dear friends, in the last half hour I was hacked on Instagram and commented on Bibi Netanyahu. It’s not me and the issue has undergone legal treatment.”

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From Ofer Menachem, who after Ben Zaken’s PR: “A fan of Eden broke into her Instagram page, impersonated Eden and wrote the response on her behalf. The comment was deleted of course. The matter has been referred to a lawyer, and we will find the case with her. ”

About an hour after the response was published from Ben Zaken’s Instagram account, Prime Minister Netanyahu arrived at her home. “Eden, I need help. I heard you were hacked on Instagram.” The two then burst into singing together in the megaphone of “I Have Love,” which, as mentioned, they had performed together in the past.

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