Dyadic and Medytox to develop vaccines against COVID-19 modifications Nasdaq: DYAI

  • Expanding COVID-19 vaccine research collaboration that began in July 2020.
  • Medytox and Dyadic to jointly develop CVID-19 C1ID-19 vaccines and / or boosters that vaccinate humans against two or more current and future COVID-19 variants (e.g., tetravalent vaccines or rectangular COVID-19)
  • Special permission for the Republic of Korea and several Southeast Asian countries, if successful
  • Manufacturing protocols for the extraction of C1 vaccines have been moved and reproduced at Medytox

JUPITER, Fla., March 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Dyadic International, Inc. (“Dyadic”, “we”, “we”, “our”, or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: DYAI), a global biotechnology company has announced a focus on further development, application and use of the C1-cell protein production platform to accelerate development, lower production costs and the performance of biological and therapeutic vaccines at flexible commercial levels, announced today that the Company is expanding its partnership with Medytox, Inc. (“Medytox”) from South Korea, a global biopharmaceutical company with sales in approximately 60 countries. Dyadic and Medytox co-develop manufactured C1 COVID-19 vaccines and / or boosters, which, if successful, will be used to vaccinate against two or more of the available COVID-19 variants. now and in the future. This project can provide specific local supply, to help fight COVID-19, in this region of the world.

Dr Gi-Hyeok Yang, Sr., Executive Vice President and Head of Research and Development at Medytox, said, “We are delighted to expand our collaboration with Dyadic and their C1 technology platform to partnership. in co-developed CO1 manufactured C1- 19 vaccines. ”Dr Yang continued,“ We ​​have been working closely with Dyadic since July 2020, when we accessed their C1 sensing platform and experienced the incredible flexibility and high productivity of the C1 platform. . Based on our experience and comparing the C1 technology platform against several other expression platforms such as CHO and insect cells, we believe that the fungus-based C1 sensing system is the technology most reasonable for the development and manufacture of multifactorial (i.e., trivalent), and tetra-valent vaccines), fast and affordable, against COVID-19 mutant viruses without the need for a bioreactor facility large scale. Medytox is confident that the C1 technology platform can play a vital role in helping fight COVID-19, which could continue as a seasonal flu and need COVID-19 variable vaccine views per year. We look forward to gaining further knowledge with the C1 technology as it has the potential to be used in the development and manufacture of a growing number of vaccines, drugs, and other biological products. as well as COVID-19. As a biopharmaceutical company, with several successful commercial products, we look forward to leveraging our world-class research and development and commercial capabilities to bring new manufactured C1 COVID-19 variable vaccines to market, in order to fight this deadly infectious disease. “

Mark Emalfarb, Founder and CEO of Dyadic, said, “If global efforts to eradicate the common pandemic are to succeed, there must be more effective, accessible and flexible ways to develop and manufacture vaccines across the country. global, which stops the spread of COVID19. At Dyadic, we listened to early warnings from the scientific community and, as early as 2015, joined European human and animal health experts in the Zoonosis Prospect Preparedness Initiative (ZAPI). In 2018, we expanded this effort with the Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR), to further develop our C1 gene expression platform for use in enabling rapid, coordinated response and practical for emerging infectious diseases. ”Mr Emalfarb continued,“ If we are to achieve a better future, we need to reduce or eliminate the risk of future pandemics, by working now to invest in research and critical development to maximize vaccine and drug strategies and technologies. A growing number of global scientists, industry and government agencies believe that the C1 platform positions Dyadic as a partner of choice for high-quality, low-cost, next-generation and manufacturing vaccines. drugs, including COVID-19, flu and other vaccines. ”

About Medytox, Inc.
Medytox is a research-based biopharmaceutical company that developed botulinum toxin production for the first time in Korea (fourth in the world), and is engaged in the development, manufacture, marketing and sales of neurotoxin products such as ‘his main business. Since its establishment in 2000, Medytox has evolved and developed into a world-class R&D company with the successful launch of its flagship neurotoxin product. Today, Medytox neurotoxin products are sold in about 60 countries by millions of people who have already received therapeutic or beauty treatments. For more information about Medytox, visit: www.medytox.com.

About Dyadic International, Inc.
Dyadic International, Inc. is a global biotechnology company that develops what it believes will be a biopharmaceutical gene expression platform that could be based on the fungus Thermothelomyces heterothallica (formerly Myceliophthora thermophila), named C1. The C1 microorganism, which enables the development and mass production of low-cost proteins, has the potential to develop into a safe and efficient sensory system that can help accelerate development, lower production costs and biological performance. promote. vaccines and drugs at flexible commercial levels. Dyadic uses C1 technology and other technologies to conduct research, development and commercial activities for the development and manufacture of human and animal vaccines and drugs, such as virus-like particles (VLPs) and antigens, monoclonal antibodies, antibody Fabrics, Fc- Proteins fusion, biosimilars and / or biobetters, and other therapeutic proteins. Some other research activities are underway that include a study of the use of C1 to develop and produce specific metabolites and other biological products. Dyadic pursues research and development collaborations, licensing arrangements and other commercial opportunities with its partners and colleagues to reduce the value and benefits of these technologies in the development and manufacture of biopharmaceuticals. As the aging population grows in developed and underdeveloped countries, Dyadic believes C1 technology could help deliver biological vaccines, drugs, and biological products. to a faster market, in larger sizes, at a lower cost, and with new premises for drug developers and manufacturers, and to improve access and cost for patients and the healthcare system, but more importantly save lives.

Please visit the Dyadic website at http://www.dyadic.com for more information, including details on Dyadic’s plans for its biopharmaceutical industry.

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