Due to a new breed of Corona: New restrictions on London

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson convened a press conference today (Saturday). During it he announced restrictions on the south-east of England, including London, in light of the discovery of a new strain of the corona virus that apparently has a significantly greater infectivity than previous strains.

The decision was made shortly after an emergency meeting of senior government ministers and medical advisers.

“When the virus changes its ability to attack, we must change the method of defense. Without taking action – the number of cases would increase, and thousands more would die,” Johnson said.

“The spread of the virus is now being led by a new type, and although there is no indication that it causes greater mortality, initial information indicates that its infectivity may be 70 percent higher than that recorded in the old type. It spreads very quickly.” According to experts, it is responsible for about 60 per cent of cases currently in the south east of England and more than 50 per cent in the capital.

London, this week // Photo: Reuters

Johnson said that while there was no indication that the new type of virus was more resistant to the various vaccines (as mentioned it is probably no more deadly than the one we know), but because of its ability to cause the epidemic it was inevitable to put London, the South East and East of England under severe restrictions from tomorrow.

This means that the special reliefs that were supposed to apply at Christmas will not take effect in these areas, and in fact there will be an almost complete closure in the capital and the relevant areas. In practice, all non-essential businesses will be forced to close, and people will be forced to stay home unless they have to travel to work or school or if they plan to do training.

In addition, the special outline that was supposed to take effect in the coming week will be abolished in the relevant areas to allow families to spend time together during the Christmas period in the form of capsules of up to three households. The only relief that will remain in effect in this outline will be when it comes to the holiday itself (December 25), so it will be possible to mix three households.