Dramatic 2: 3 to Bologna against Crotone in a wonderful game

Italian League 20-21

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Bologna players celebrate (Twitter)

Bologna players celebrate (Twitter)

The 28th round of the Italian league continued today (Saturday) when the last in the table Crotone, already led by a double advantage but lost 3: 2 to Bologna and missed a tremendous opportunity to come back to life and press the bottom. The game, like all league games The Italian, aired on channel ONE2 to yes subscribers, HOT Cellcom TV and Partner TV.

The host celebrated in the first half. It started in the 32nd minute when Junior Messias put it ahead early. In the 40th minute, Crotona received a penalty kick from 11 meters, which was used by Simi, the king of Crotone’s goals, to determine the half-time score – 0: 2, which was very important recently in the table.

The second half was a completely different story. Adama Somauro got a ball from veteran Roberto Plasios and scored from close range to narrow the score. Bologna continued to press and in the 71st minute came on hire as Yardi Shahoutan, sent a huge ball off the field and set up a great equalizer. The fantastic pace continued and right towards the end, in the 84th minute, the turnaround was completed when Andreas Scobe Olsen scored from close range and nailed another nail in the closet of Crotone who was last in the table with only 15 points.