Dov Elboim’s Parshas Hashavua program is coming off the screen

The Broadcasting Corporation announced this week that the program “Between the Suns” presented by Dov Elboim will be off the screen as early as this coming January. Elboim has been presenting Channel One’s weekly episode, every Friday, for nearly 20 years. The fast that was formerly called “Receiving Shabbat” changed its name to “Between the Suns” with the establishment of the corporation, and is a program of interviews around this week’s Torah portion. At the corporation, Elboim was offered a monthly plan that would be broadcast every Rosh Chodesh, but the injured Elboim refused.

In an interview with Walla, Alboium said of the announcement that his plan is coming down: “The corporation’s management has decided to stop producing the show from the beginning of January, and it’s really very unfortunate.” According to Elboim, he finds no justification for canceling the program: “Beyond my personal grief, there are hundreds of thousands of viewers here who receive Shabbat like this, every Friday. Families, grandchildren, children and parents. It hurts terribly that a program that has such a deep connection with viewers because “They decided to take it down. It’s a really strange decision.”

Elboim rejects claims that these are rating considerations: “When the corporation indexed a rating, there were times when the program went through the rating of the news diary on Friday.” He added: “I hear praise all the time. I feel that a public injustice has been done here. The corporation here has not had public oversight for almost a year, because the corporation council did not convene for all sorts of technical reasons. This is a program of paramount importance, at a time when we are so divided. There is a plan that everyone – everyone is in, everyone comes to talk to me about the affair, their Jewish story and life, and it is precisely at such a period that they take down a plan. I told them, it is a decision with enormous public weight, how do you make such a decision when you have no public oversight? Very disturbing. “

Here are 11 in response: “The decision to part with the program was made as part of the process of updating the broadcast schedule in the field of heritage, and formulating new formats that are expected to be broadcast in the coming weeks. .