Double cross tear and recurrence: Chimi Avila in comeback

The story of Chimi Avila is taken from the legends, one that on the one hand has almost always touched fame, but at the same time was stopped because of a cruel fate. The Argentine, who like Messi was born in Rosario, has established himself as one of the hottest strikers in the Spanish league. He started last season with 9 goals and 3 more assists in 20 appearances, but then came the rupture in the crossbar.

During January of last year, after Luis Suarez was injured and Barcelona were looking for a replacement, Chimi Avila’s name immediately came up. The Ossona player was strong in the books after a tremendous season opener but just before such a move officially took place in Catalonia, the bitter injury came. From the beginning of February until today, more than a year, the player sat outside, when even after recovering – he was injured again.

Now, with his return to the pitches when he was included in the squad for the game against Huaska, Osasuna released an exciting and unique video of the “bull”‘s comeback – a video that looks like a customer from Hollywood. The 27-year-old striker was photographed in a dusty locker room just before going up to a bullfight in the stadium. Watch the emotional video:

Taurus returns: Chimi Avila returns after a year out

Great players have been and still are in abundance in the Spanish league, but those with a unique story, their own color and emotion that cannot be measured in statistics have few, and Chimi Avila is one of them. Avila’s charm with the ball is different in the landscape and his unique talent only raises the question of what would have happened without the serious injuries.

The first injury came on January 24, 2020 when he turned on a stretcher in a game against Levante in the 58th minute. Then came the worst news of all for Osuna – a tear in the cruciate ligament in his right knee, an injury that will disable him for the next 7 months. It really does not end here. Last September, after returning, he was injured again in the cruciate ligament and this time in his left leg.

Chimi Avila (Ossona’s official site)

Long before the injury Avila was nicknamed “Messi’s deputy”, of course naturally due to the connection to the place where he was born in Argentina. His real name is Ezekiel Avila, and he got the nickname “Chimi” from his friends who used to laugh at the chimichurri sauce that his father used to make.

Now, after recovering from a terrible year he went through and two injuries from which not every player returns to the pitch, Chimi Avila is back and the entire Spanish league will be happy to get back one of its top attacking players. Tomorrow (Saturday, 7:30 p.m.). The comeback may come in front of Huesca. The game, like all Spanish league games, will be broadcast on channel ONE for HOT subscribers, yes subscribers, Cellcom TV and Partner TV.

Chimi Avila (Official Website of Osasuna)Chimi Avila (Ossona’s official site)